• Comedy in the Afternoon 01/04/2013  12:41pm

    Seeing non-eq...audition ends at 4
    Latina woman - 20s-30s, some Spanish lines in the play
    2 women 30s-50s (one who can prederably speak French)


    *correction, 2 women (not Latina) seeking 40s-50s age range

    natapon 01/04/2013  12:47pm

    heard from many ppl this show is a disaster. be warned

    dopplegang 01/04/2013  12:56pm

    Auditioned for this...script seems to be a political commentary and strong of vignettes...not your normal play but director seemed very nice and they're offering equity contracts and professional pay for non-eq

    raven213 01/04/2013  1:43pm

    *string not strong lol

    raven213 01/04/2013  2:08pm