• Where is the posting for this?

    homerpas 01/06/2013  5:11pm

    Actors Equity website

    jerseygirl 01/06/2013  7:37pm

    Anyone there yet??

    parislover 01/07/2013  5:59am

    Not bad at all.

    FairyPerdita 01/07/2013  8:54am

    Will someone please post if they put the non eq sign up for the dance call out early? Thanks!

    mousedance 01/07/2013  9:18am

    No word on dance call list yet. Women singer non union list is up to 38

    ameliabedeeeelia 01/07/2013  9:36am

    How's the line looking now?

    dancingyogi 01/07/2013  10:35am

    No clue about the dance call, sorry.

    This is SO unofficial - but I *think* I heard some non-equity talk about coming back in hour hour at the beginning of the call - so they may have said "non-equity check back at 10:30."

    Not there anymore, sorry I can't be more helpful

    FairyPerdita 01/07/2013  10:56am

    Getting ready to start lining up guys as soon as they finish the last set of girls. No word on non eq but the non list is about at 40

    NJNY 01/07/2013  11:34am

    Not seeing non singers. Still possibly non dancers at 2

    NJNY 01/07/2013  12:12pm

    Male singers call is closed, no non-eq singers today

    GodImAMover 01/07/2013  12:15pm

    Any word on non eq dancer?

    NJNY 01/07/2013  2:07pm

    There is an unofficial non eq women's dance list. It is up to 17

    ameliabedeeeelia 01/07/2013  2:09pm

    anyone know who is in the room?

    danamdkny 01/07/2013  2:50pm

    I would also appreciate knowing who was in the room--forgot to take a picture of the info sheet. Thanks so much!

    tenorman72 01/07/2013  3:41pm

    They had an open call in Delaware for this and while I was there mostly non-eq showed up. So they have seen non-eq for this production.

    Kennelady 01/07/2013  4:55pm