• Phantom of the opera @ Pearl Studios 01/06/2013  6:36pm

    equity females are getting seen at 2pm, does anyone have suggestions for what time a non-equity female should arrive, for best chance at getting seen? Any advise or info would be greatly appreciated.


    Here is a link to that casting notice:

    01/07/2013  11:17am

    Can someone please post if they see the non-equity men? And if they know how many non-equity women are signed up? Thank you!

    amandayachechak 01/07/2013  9:56am

    There were at least 50 non eq girls when I left around 9am.

    Nattalyee 01/07/2013  10:00am

    Are they letting them sign-up already?

    Thtrchik 01/07/2013  10:04am

    Same for the guys. I'm 43 on the non-eq list. It's probably over 50 by now

    Christopher.Payseur 01/07/2013  10:05am

    Almost always for ECCs, they post the non-eq lists for the morning and the afternoon in the morning. At AEA, they put the lists out at 8am when they open the building. So you can usually sign up for a 2pm ECC in the morning.

    amandayachechak 01/07/2013  10:08am

    Are they letting women sign-up yet?

    Thtrchik 01/07/2013  10:09am

    Any updates? Are there any announcements regarding non-equity?

    auditionboy26 01/07/2013  11:03am

    They are on 46 of the Equity list. No non-eq yet

    Christopher.Payseur 01/07/2013  11:15am

    They are typing the non-eq men. Same should go for the women unless it's packed. But I'm texting everybody I know to head down there because Tara Rubin is in the room.

    Falsettoland 01/07/2013  11:25am

    Any news on when they will be posting sign ups for women?

    sarahsoda4 01/07/2013  11:52am

    They'll be typing all of the noneq women at 2 pm.

    PolkaDots 01/07/2013  12:23pm

    are they typing by headshot, or taking us in the room?

    amandayachechak 01/07/2013  12:38pm

    Not seeing any non eq women...but taking head shots

    ameliabedeeeelia 01/07/2013  2:11pm