• Here is a link to that notice:

    01/07/2013  11:19am

    Non-official list is up to 33 for women, 7 for men.

    Beautyis88 01/07/2013  9:36am

    Any idea of who's in the room?? Is it Justin?

    ask 01/07/2013  10:10am

    Any word on the non-eq girls? I know it is the longest of shots...

    GotALittleRhythm 01/07/2013  11:04am

    Justin is in the room with Steven Malone (MD) and Bryan Baldwin (intern).

    They are typing non eq girls. :-)

    Pinch89 01/07/2013  11:08am

    How long is the list looking? Are they going to be typing guys too?

    pts9789 01/07/2013  11:19am

    Yes they are typing non eq guys

    NJNY 01/07/2013  1:27pm