• Phantom 01/07/2013  12:04pm

    Can anyone say who was in the room for Phantom? Thank you so much!:)


    David Caddick, MD
    Tara Rubin herself

    They brought out the big guns today!

    tenorman72 01/07/2013  3:38pm

    At 2:00 tara had already left and Merri Sugarman was in w/David. The monitor failed to announce the change.

    singsing3 01/07/2013  4:47pm

    Who was the accompanist?

    ftrump 01/07/2013  7:36pm

    Brad Garside was the accompanist. He's my favorite - almost always plays for Tara Rubins calls, he's awesome!

    blondesoprano 01/08/2013  8:42am