• Peter..Starcatcher 1/11 01/11/2013  7:58pm

    Really silly question, but I wanted to get there pretty early, hoping that they see emc's tomorrow, however, I've never been to an audition at Ripley 520 before 8am. Where does one wait? Outside, lobby?

    Thanks guys!!


    I meant the audition on 1/12

    Abbreviate 01/11/2013  10:34pm

    You can go up to the 16th floor and wait in that lobby. They open those doors at 8:30

    zebra 01/12/2013  12:12am

    It's 7:10 on Sat morn the 12th and already 24 on the unofficial non union list. If today is like Thursday, chances are slim for non union being seen. BUT, we shall see!

    Dr. Sattler 01/12/2013  7:09am

    @TellMeMore...did you go to the EPA before getting your appointment?

    retrograde 01/12/2013  11:08am

    NO non-eq today :(

    lisajNYC 01/12/2013  2:55pm