• Peter and the Starcatcher Day 2 01/12/2013  7:32am

    At 7:30, there's about 50 people on an unofficial list. I guess we are hoping to reorganize once in the holding room.


    We're organizing the line now, I think we're throwing out the list after that.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 01/12/2013  8:07am

    It's a bit crazy but there's some semblance of list/line to at least keep everything organized until the monitors arrive.

    drewsof 01/12/2013  8:16am

    What part of lines are the only accepted/professional way to do things don't people understand? Why start a list!?! It does NOTHING for anyone but cause problems.

    KingJoffrey 01/12/2013  9:24am

    Anyone else wish they would type out these girls? There is one female role and 70 percent of the girls aren't right for it. (you know you're thinking it) All of us guys should start going to Nunsense calls to return the favor.

    MagicalFairyActor 01/12/2013  9:38am

    Any AEA Appts left at this stage?

    dopplegang 01/12/2013  9:51am

    Hey guys - can we keep this strictly for it's purpose - to update people on the audition? We're all working toward a common goal, and there is a time and place for these opinions - with your friends over a drink after the day is done.

    MPM87 01/12/2013  9:51am

    ActorGuy88 and MagicalFairyActor you guys must've confused this section for the "Bitching Post??" Take your negativity over there. In line with the title of the website, this section is for updates and not snarky opinions.

    gin43 01/12/2013  9:51am

    Who's in the room?

    actoria 01/12/2013  9:58am

    Updates? What's the equity and EMC status?

    ShopGirl 01/12/2013  10:01am

    Just announced they won't get to any non-eq before lunch.

    drewsof 01/12/2013  10:08am

    status of AEA appts?

    dopplegang 01/12/2013  10:09am

    Gin43...please post your negative post about my post under "Bitching Post". This section is for updates...not for your opinion on other peoples post.

    MagicalFairyActor 01/12/2013  10:27am

    How long is the non-eq list/did they say they would definitely get to some after lunch, or to check back after lunch? Thanks!

    ActSing123 01/12/2013  10:59am

    How long is the non-eq list/did they say they would definitely get to some after lunch, or to check back after lunch? Thanks!

    ActSing123 01/12/2013  11:19am

    (Sorry for the double post. Mistake)

    ActSing123 01/12/2013  11:20am

    Where's the audition? What number are we at for non-eq?

    heythere90 01/12/2013  11:34am

    If someone can post who's in the room today that would be awesome!

    actoria 01/12/2013  11:34am

    how is non-eq looking?

    robo28 01/12/2013  12:58pm

    When I left about an hour ago there were a bunch of afternoon appointments open, 3 people on the AEA alternate list. No clue about EMC/noneq

    ritamee 01/12/2013  1:04pm

    What is the pre-lunch non-eq/EMC status?

    ShopGirl 01/12/2013  1:25pm

    Lain Kunin- casting assistant is ITR

    labyrinth 01/12/2013  1:28pm

    Up to #13 on the emc list before breaking for lunch! It is much slower today and the ratio of men to women is much more appropriate for the show today.

    hopeful 01/12/2013  1:36pm

    what's the story post-lunch for non-eq?

    aly baba 01/12/2013  2:47pm

    No non eq

    ShopGirl 01/12/2013  2:51pm

    Are they still willing to see EMCs after lunch?

    HeatherNY 01/12/2013  2:56pm

    Well, here's hoping third time's the charm tomorrow, fellow non-union members!

    MPM87 01/12/2013  2:57pm

    Have any more Emc been seen since lunch?

    zebra 01/12/2013  3:13pm

    Emc just out of work. Worth it to come? How many on emc list and have they seen anymore after lunch. Thanks for any updates :)

    xoxox 01/12/2013  3:43pm

    any chance they said anything about non-eq tomorrow?

    robo28 01/12/2013  3:50pm

    to clarify, no non-eqs were seen at all today?

    tinabelcher 01/12/2013  6:28pm

    I assume et will be willing to see Non-eqs again. Making a possibly dangerous assumption, but Todaynwas not quite as busy as Thursday, so tomorrow might be less busy than today at least in regards to Equity actors. That being said, I think that non-eq and EMCs who were not seen today will get there even earlier tomorrow, so being high on the list is in your best interests. Best of Luck!

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 01/12/2013  7:00pm

    Any one know how many EMCs were seen in all today?

    lpa2989 01/12/2013  7:52pm

    Any one know how many EMCs were seen in all today?

    lpa2989 01/12/2013  8:06pm