• The Last Will 01/13/2013  11:14pm

    I'm planning on heading over to theater for the EPAs tomorrow. I'm noneq so I was just wondering what time people normally show up (auditions start at 9am) and if anyone knows how friendly Abingdon is to noneq. Any info would be great!


    For your convenience, here is a link to that casting post on Backstage.com:

    01/14/2013  10:59am

    Literally in the exact same boat. Bump!

    bowe123 01/14/2013  12:20am

    At least I'm not alone haha! Hopefully we'll both get seen. Good luck!

    Betharoo 01/14/2013  12:31am

    Equity appt list is really open and only about 5 on non-eq.

    MaeDay 01/14/2013  8:10am

    Bump - how is this one looking? How's before lunch and after? Any 411 appreciated!

    Actingismylife 01/14/2013  10:27am

    Anyone know what number they are on the Non Eq list?

    nina2301 01/14/2013  10:52am

    None yet. Check after luncheon

    MaeDay 01/14/2013  11:06am

    How is it looking after lunch - lunch is 12-1, right? Any 411 appreciated!

    Actingismylife 01/14/2013  11:11am

    Any afternoon appointments open? Seeing EMC's?

    ritamee 01/14/2013  12:57pm

    Just signed up. Number 62 on non eq list. Some alternates and 16 EMC to be seen. Monitor said she will see some non eq but not sure what time.

    Actorshelpingactors 01/14/2013  1:22pm

    Any updates?

    Actorshelpingactors 01/14/2013  2:39pm

    She seems to be moving quickly. Ish. No appointments available for equity. Just the alternate list. Still at the same number for emc that it was at this morning- #8. No word on non eq. But none have been seen. Hope that helps.

    armeaffe 01/14/2013  2:46pm

    Equity slots are full. Haven't seen any EMCs since before lunch. Haven't seen any non-eq yet, but so far nobody has been dismissed.

    Utena 01/14/2013  2:47pm