• It's an absolute madhouse. Room has a snake wound three times and the hallway is filling up. Front of the line got here at 5:30 AM. I'm probably #80 and I got here at 7:20. No monitor yet.

    Falsettoland 01/14/2013  8:04am

    This can't be right. I'm at Ripley and no ones here and it's an ecc so...

    HolidaeIn 01/14/2013  8:21am

    Perhaps put the emphasis on"False" "Falsettoland"?

    MaeDay 01/14/2013  8:30am

    That was probably just accidentally posted for the wrong call... Probably meant for B&B or Les Mis, both of which are, in fact, mad houses! No need to get snippy for someone making a mistake when they're trying to help by posting. Let's not be hating here. Anyway, it's corrected now, we know it's uncrowded, so yay, go get seen and book it! :)

    mousedance 01/14/2013  9:20am

    It's at room 16T
    There's like 108 on the non eq list now

    dudette 01/14/2013  9:35am

    At ten, would someone be kind enough to give an update? perhaps how many equity are there? thank you!

    sing_happy 01/14/2013  9:39am

    Please, any noneq update? Sorry, but I had to leave briefly and would really love to get a sense of where they are! Thanks!

    sing_happy 01/14/2013  10:17am

    Just bumping this in hopes that someone can tell me who was in the room this morning. Thank you so much in advance!

    FairyPerdita 01/14/2013  12:18pm

    Up to alt number 91

    Bpnyc 01/14/2013  12:28pm