• Les mis 01/14/2013  7:16am

    Sounds like Pearl is a madhouse line, but is that just for beauty and the beast? Anyone know what's going on with les mis? Thanks!


    For your convenience, here is a link to that call listing on Backstage.com:

    01/14/2013  10:58am

    Actually I see now that they're across the street from each other. SO - how's les mis doing?

    retrograde 01/14/2013  7:24am


    essexboy 01/14/2013  7:24am

    One holding room is almost completely packed out. The line snakes throughout the room.

    LiveLaughLove18 01/14/2013  7:36am

    It's fucking packed.

    Erikgullberg 01/14/2013  7:36am

    Good morning! Do we know if this madhouse line is mainly non eq or eq?

    Spaghetti 01/14/2013  7:39am

    yes please let us know if that line is mostly non eq

    audition15 01/14/2013  7:46am

    The line is now out of the holding room down the hallway. They are telling people you can't sit in the hallway because its against the fire code.... Break legs my friends.

    justbeachy 01/14/2013  8:02am

    Any updates as to how many equity? If they are starting to take appointments? Thanks.

    lifeisahighway 01/14/2013  8:28am

    I don't even know where in the line I am. I'm just in it.

    redredrose 01/14/2013  8:29am

    Les Miz breakdown said no noneq but assuredly some of these people aren't readers. Appts go out at 9. They have roughly 4 times as many people as slots.

    Falsettoland 01/14/2013  8:36am

    Does anyone know who is in the room today?

    bleekrd13 01/14/2013  9:05am

    Alternates only.

    redredrose 01/14/2013  9:37am

    Are they seeing emc,

    broadwaystar527 01/14/2013  9:43am

    No emc, alternate list up to 140

    this is my username 01/14/2013  9:59am

    I was in the last quarter of the line, I'm #102 on the alt list. Monitor said 16 bars, and they are going to move quickly to see as many people as they can. Oooff

    luckystar1354 01/14/2013  10:01am

    16 bars? At an EPA?! Can they even do that- what happened to our minute and a half?! I got up crazy early to get an appointment for 16 lousy bars??

    JJ 01/14/2013  10:10am

    Maybe because it's a combined call?

    redredrose 01/14/2013  10:16am

    They requested 16 bars. At EPerfA auditions we are entitled to a minute in the room.

    Also, FLYING through the alternate list. FUH. LYING.

    thejollyraja 01/14/2013  10:16am

    What number alternate are they on?

    this is my username 01/14/2013  10:21am

    Any updates on alternates being called would be amazing :)

    justbreathe 01/14/2013  10:21am

    They are on alternate #41

    jerseyj 01/14/2013  10:42am

    They are on alternate #41

    jerseyj 01/14/2013  10:42am

    Can someone please post who is in the room if you get the chance? Thanks!

    Alf 01/14/2013  10:55am

    Kaitlin Shaw - Casting Director
    David Caddick - Music Supervisor
    Justin Hornback - Accomp.
    Sabrina - Casting Intern

    BeNice 01/14/2013  11:02am

    #55 on alternate list

    redredrose 01/14/2013  11:14am

    Lame man. I totally get it but they said it would be run as an EPA. Such a bummer, I coulda slept in and gotten seen as an alternate.(Sure they only "requested" 16b but if I go over they will HATE me for it so that's not cool.)

    JJ 01/14/2013  11:19am

    Did they actually make an announcement saying that they are not seeing emcs?

    emcfromtheno 01/14/2013  11:23am

    Anyome know what number theyre at now?? Man, theyre going fast!!

    Everyonecanwin 01/14/2013  11:52am

    Just signed up onthe alt list in the 240s. They've called up to 74 on the alt list.

    ireallyneedthisjob 01/14/2013  11:53am

    They are shooting through alternates! I know many people that left and missed their names. Kudos to that monitor! Also, they are asking for 16-32 bars, and from what I have heard, your cut should never be much longer than that anyway. You should never sing the same section twice for them. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Falsettoland 01/14/2013  12:03pm

    Hey! Is there an alternate number update? And is it really 16-32 bars because I thought they were specific about it being 16

    this is my username 01/14/2013  12:18pm

    Just called alternate number 91

    Bpnyc 01/14/2013  12:29pm

    Thy made an announcement saying NO EMCs but if they're flying through the alternate list do you think we would have a chance??

    broadwaystar527 01/14/2013  12:39pm

    Thy made an announcement saying NO EMCs but if they're flying through the alternate list do you think we would have a chance??

    broadwaystar527 01/14/2013  12:39pm

    Any word on whether they're willing to hear songs from the show?

    ThatOneGuy 01/14/2013  12:46pm

    Any word on what number alternate they are up to?

    mermaid430 01/14/2013  4:26pm

    Currently 152 on the alternate list

    actor524 01/14/2013  4:50pm