• F***ing Up Everything @ Ripley Grier 520 01/14/2013  10:16pm

    (just want to see what other people think) I'm non-eq, and normally when I go on an EPA that's 10-6, I just show up around / a little after lunch and get seen Fairly quickly (except for stuff like Wicked). Do you guys think that would okay for this one, or are you expecting it to be a little crazy?

    Clearly no one will know for sure, I'm just asking. Thanks!


    It might be crazy since its contemporary and rock.....usually those two create long lines at 7 am....Good luck!

    Abbreviate 01/16/2013  2:06am

    Is anyone here for this yet?

    aaronacts 01/16/2013  7:04am

    There's like 120 people here. Mostly white girls. Guys and brown peeps get here.

    aaronacts 01/16/2013  8:41am