• Beauty and the Beast 1/15 01/15/2013  6:33am

    Figured we might as well start a thread. Anyone there yet? How's the line?


    Current status: early 40s, in the holding room on 12th floor room 1206. List outside room.

    tinabelcher 01/15/2013  7:26am

    I got here at 7:20am and am 32 on an unofficial list. Just FYI, I see about five girls here today as well.

    dracomalfroy2001 01/15/2013  7:27am

    7:45, list is at 60.

    its just me 01/15/2013  7:43am

    I got here a little before 6 and I am number 7 on the unofficial list. There are 31 people in the room right now, no line, just the unofficial list at te moment. 3 of the people in the room are female.

    AaronBooth89 01/15/2013  7:52am

    Anyone know If they're EMC first?

    catchthatdirt 01/15/2013  7:57am

    No, they are not seeing Emcs' first. And just after 8 the list is at 85. Less than half of those people are actually here.

    AaronBooth89 01/15/2013  8:03am

    146 at 8 47

    ArtisticIntegrity 01/15/2013  8:45am

    Only one person in a Belle costume today, but he is rocking it...

    its just me 01/15/2013  9:32am

    Are they doing 8 bars for guys?

    Threemusketeers 01/15/2013  10:06am

    Are they doing 8 bars for guys?

    Threemusketeers 01/15/2013  10:15am

    8 bars for guys, they are lax ie it is ok if it is 10

    tinabelcher 01/15/2013  10:21am

    About halfway thru first group of 25. Also, if you miss your name called, tell them and they will still see you in the next group

    tinabelcher 01/15/2013  10:23am

    Anyone getting callbacks yet from today's call?

    AaronBooth89 01/15/2013  10:44am

    Is the list still open?

    caterwaiter 01/15/2013  10:45am

    What number are they up to now?

    jonyactor 01/15/2013  11:37am

    Are they seeing females today?

    Ariel16 01/15/2013  11:38am

    yes they did see females today...i got seen and i saw some other girls were in line as well.

    Youareenough 01/15/2013  3:54pm