• Carousel NY Philharmonic ECC 01/15/2013  6:41am

    Hey how's the non eq sign up looking for this? Just wondering if anyone is there yet??


    We are all waiting outside...about 25 people so far.

    parislover 01/15/2013  7:52am

    Are you guys inside yet?

    catchthatdirt 01/15/2013  8:05am


    parislover 01/15/2013  8:10am

    How many now? Any idea how many EMC?

    Missdramamama 01/15/2013  8:20am

    Any updates?

    fragglerock 01/15/2013  8:58am

    Any updates?

    fragglerock 01/15/2013  8:58am

    There are about 20 equity women here and around 60 non-eq. Like 5 non-eq men are here, too.

    Krayola33 01/15/2013  9:00am

    Is there a men's list already?

    catchthatdirt 01/15/2013  9:06am

    Unofficial mens list, yes.

    Krayola33 01/15/2013  9:10am

    Sign in hadnt started but it is crazy crowded. No idea how many are union or not, but I see a lot of union faces. They are transferring the names from the unofficial nonunion sheet to the official right now.

    FairyPerdita 01/15/2013  9:23am

    The room also emptied out considerably as soon as they asked nonunion to go outside and sign the unofficial list.

    FairyPerdita 01/15/2013  9:25am

    any updates on them seeing non-eq men or whatever's going on as the morning progresses would be awesome. thanks so much guys! :)

    MBNY 01/15/2013  9:28am

    Not seeing non equity

    ohia89 01/15/2013  9:59am

    Not seeing non eq/EMC women AND men?

    kiehner 01/15/2013  10:02am

    Just not non eq women as far as I know

    ohia89 01/15/2013  10:03am

    They are looking for 8 sexy bars only!

    FairyPerdita 01/15/2013  10:06am

    And nonunion released. 199 cards handed out.

    FairyPerdita 01/15/2013  10:06am

    Ben whiteley Jason styles brad garside itr.

    Call is closed.

    FairyPerdita 01/15/2013  10:07am

    Warren Carlyle also itr.

    FairyPerdita 01/15/2013  10:13am

    Call is closed, completely? Or just the women's singers call

    iam_thewalrus 01/15/2013  10:19am

    Just the women's singer call. They can't come the men's before it begins! You can only close an ECC once the first person walks into the audition room for that genders call.

    FairyPerdita 01/15/2013  11:18am

    Any updates on what the guys list is looking like? Wondering if it's worth it to make my way downtown, or if they're only going to end up seeing union guys. Anything you've got would be awesome!

    MBNY 01/15/2013  12:51pm

    300+ equity and 40+ non union. No announcement has been made if they will see nonunion but chances look small.

    Nycsinger123 01/15/2013  1:10pm

    How quickly are they getting through the men's list?

    ftrump 01/15/2013  2:26pm

    Any word if call is closed to eq or non?

    robt 01/15/2013  2:26pm

    So, if I missed the ECC today is there any point in going to an EPA tomorrow where all the roles are already cast???

    NYCRose 01/15/2013  2:55pm

    Any updates?

    fragglerock 01/16/2013  7:19am

    Any updates?

    fragglerock 01/16/2013  11:07am

    Any updates?

    fragglerock 01/16/2013  11:10am

    Sorry! Phone issues. ignore all of that

    fragglerock 01/16/2013  11:28am