• Courthouse spamalot 01/15/2013  6:43am

    Does anyone have details on today's list? Thank you!


    Just got to Nola. Doesn't open till 830 and noone is here

    Youareenough 01/15/2013  7:08am

    Any update? Wonder if they'll see AEA or EMC first?

    Missdramamama 01/15/2013  8:32am

    Any updates? What does the list look like?

    chatzie 01/15/2013  8:51am


    Bumblebee1 01/15/2013  8:56am

    It's empty. 12 people. Come on over

    Youareenough 01/15/2013  9:44am

    Still rather open? What time is their break?

    MaeDay 01/15/2013  10:54am

    Not sure when their break is but still really open!

    Missdramamama 01/15/2013  11:00am

    What exactly are they asking for today? (how much of a song?)

    RealEChristine 01/15/2013  12:04pm

    They want 16 bars, and the notice says a British monologue, but they are also apparently casting As You Like It, so they might ask you for a Shakespeare. Interesting people running it. Sorry for the snark, but had to get it off my chest.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 01/15/2013  12:50pm


    russelldominic 01/15/2013  12:58pm

    16 bars. Some also doing a monologue and some even a little quick easy fancy ditty (just to see if can
    Move in body). Not sure if giving cb in room or not.
    List still open and number up in high 40s. Gotten through somewhere in 30s. People with apmts can walk in and be next. Otherwise just sign a list on paper.
    Hope that helps!

    Bumblebee1 01/15/2013  1:38pm

    ya, i got seen this morning. Sang. got ask to do a little dance in the room with guy behind table and then a monologue. Know they have more auditions tomorrow as well. Break legs all!

    Youareenough 01/15/2013  3:53pm

    Did they require everyone singing to have a comedic British monologue?

    mmcalum 01/16/2013  8:19am


    Youareenough 01/16/2013  9:45am