• Bare 01/15/2013  1:40pm

    Has anyone heard back yet re: further callbacks from the BARE meetings with the team yesterday? Are they still seeing more people or have people heard?


    Were these appointments or was there a call?

    bb787 01/15/2013  7:37pm

    Appointments. Callbacks were listed for Friday.

    hermione34 01/15/2013  7:51pm

    Which parts are they actually looking for??


    Oscar 01/17/2013  7:43am

    Additional callbacks were held for Peter yesterday afternoon, but there were still auditions happening for Sisten Joan. Not sure if there are other characters currently being cast. Some of the next round callbacks for Peter have been offered but not yet finalized...that's all I know...good luck everyone!

    Mat345 01/17/2013  9:22am