• Bump!

    Mickey5 08/08/2017  6:45am

    Two people on list ✌🏻

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 08/08/2017  6:52am

    How's it looking?

    broadway9999 08/08/2017  7:28am

    Any updates on this?

    mathematical 08/08/2017  8:38am

    Only about 25 people on the list

    broadway9999 08/08/2017  9:02am

    Bump on how it's moving, are there a lot of people there?

    FierceConversations 08/08/2017  10:50am

    Slots are filled until 3. Lunch is form 1-2.

    She doesn't even go here 08/08/2017  12:34pm

    Did they say when or if callbacks would take place?

    Gossip squirrel 08/08/2017  1:13pm

    I got a callback ITR to come back tomorrow to sing again and read sides

    Jessika 08/08/2017  1:15pm

    Have they asked anyone to perform a monologue in the room?

    answersrgr8 08/08/2017  1:25pm

    They had appointments yesterday and are having more appointments tomorrow, with potential callbacks Friday.

    reeee 08/08/2017  1:33pm

    Did you get sent sides or are we just getting them cold tomorrow?

    meerkatlover 08/08/2017  9:44pm

    Had an appointment yesterday and callback itr and emailed this morning with sides for friday

    JJJJ 08/08/2017  10:27pm

    Yeah I got sides emailed to me last night

    Jessika 08/09/2017  10:40am

    Did anyone have an appointment/get a callback for Sally? She barely says anything in the sides, are we supposed to read the voiceover parts as well?

    reeee 08/09/2017  11:48am

    Bump for offers

    JJJJ 08/11/2017  6:44pm

    Did they say when offers would be going out?

    broadway9999 08/11/2017  8:02pm

    Offer out and accepted for Sally

    pshap24 08/11/2017  11:49pm

    Offer out and accepted for Adam!! Any one hear about Nelson/swamp?

    shannenmichael 08/12/2017  7:01am

    Any Pop offers out?

    broadway9999 08/12/2017  10:08am

    All offers out?

    shannenmichael 08/12/2017  4:25pm

    Do they call or email

    JJJJ 08/12/2017  4:34pm

    Any offers out for Nelson/Swamp? Thanks!!

    Mickey5 08/12/2017  6:45pm