• Quick question! @ Actor's Equity Center 08/11/2017  9:17pm

    How does an EMC go about an EPA at the equity building? It will be my first time attending one next week! Thanks in advance


    The answer to this depends on what time you're planning to get there. If it's once the call has started (usually 9:30am), you just go up to the 16th floor to the audition center (you'll need to show your EMC card to be let into that area), and sign up with the monitor like at any other EPA. If it's after lunch, you must sign up as non-eq, not EMC, same as at a normal open call. Because you're EMC, you're allowed to hang around the waiting area on the 16th floor while you wait to be seen.

    glitterandbegay212 08/16/2017  3:38am

    Great TYSM, so helpful!!

    starbythesea 08/16/2017  6:18am