• Beauty and the Beast 1/16 01/16/2013  5:34am

    Does anyone know what the sign in list is like so far? I heard Monday was crazy and I wasn't sure what today would be like with the weather. Thanks!


    I showed up at 615 because that's what everyone told me to do, but no ones here. I'm not from here so I don't know how it works. So I left : /

    WeActorsAreCrazy 01/16/2013  6:31am


    Star7827 01/16/2013  7:08am

    710, 15 people

    WeActorsAreCrazy 01/16/2013  7:09am

    Dancers don't arrive at auditions at the crack of dawn. We sleep in because we know that we'll do better with more sleep. I hope this helps :)

    littleone 01/16/2013  7:19am

    Any updates? Is the weather scaring people away?

    penguins 01/16/2013  7:39am

    It's 8:10 and it's past 50 people on the list so far

    Nicasicilia13 01/16/2013  8:08am

    At least 75 on the list at 8:15.

    deareoh 01/16/2013  8:15am

    Any updates??

    tutucute4u 01/16/2013  9:05am

    How does it work do we go in groups? How many people per group?

    tutucute4u 01/16/2013  9:08am

    170 by 9:20

    Star7827 01/16/2013  9:21am

    They are going to do a pique cut bc there are so many people.

    penguins 01/16/2013  10:05am

    What do you mean

    tutucute4u 01/16/2013  10:20am

    What's the dance combo like? What's the choreo consist of?

    iLoveLucy1986 01/16/2013  10:34am

    Pique Cut= 3 single piques and a double, 3 sets one at a time. That is all over by this point though!

    penguins 01/16/2013  1:19pm