• Question/advice! 01/17/2013  12:52am

    hey guys! quick question-- i have a strawhat appointment this year for the first time. i'm seeing that some of the theatres that will be attending strawhats also have their own separate and individual calls for their season (a few days before the strawhat weekend) if these are theatres i am really interested in working for, do you think it would be beneficial to be seen more than once by them? or since i'm sure they'll be trying to squeeze in seeing tons of people over the course of their time in ny is it possible this could be construed as inconsiderate and unnecessary? any advice appreciated, a bit new to all this!!


    it's definitely not inconsiderate. i dont think it would reflect negatively on you in any way, but what i would say is don't go out of your way to be seen twice. if it's gonna cause you lack of sleep, time, and money to be seen in NY when you'll be seen at straw hats, i would just stick with your strawhat appointment. ive been in this position before, i know it's confusing,hope this helps!

    BFAinServing 01/17/2013  1:33am