• New Folsom Film 01/18/2013  11:20am

    We are looking for 3 male actors, one in their late teens early twenties, another in their late 30's early 40's, and lastly a male actor in their early 50's. As for our female actress we are looking for a female who is in her late 20's. Please find below character descriptions

    Murphy (54) - An experienced survivor of the apocalypse, Murphy fairs well in this run-down, lawless society due to his previous military training. Tall, strong, and rugged, he’s committed to his role as a deputy, believing that his word is law. Onced joined with Kid, the two gunmen set out to catch the alleged killer Bright Eyes and plan to bring justice to what they believe is wrong in frontier society.

    Doc (49) - A survivalist at heart, Doc offers his services to all that need it, regardless of their affiliation with the law. He’s seen the way the world has changed and is unhappy with it, and because of such, he’s grown to dislike the deputies he’s met.

    Kid (18) - Orphaned allegedly at the hands of Bright Eyes, is given the opportunity to join his Uncle as a deputy on the quest to capture Bright Eyes. Never seeing action before kid excited to prove himself. Wants to do what is right and bring justice to the land. He stands about 5’10 and has a somewhat muscular build.

    Bright Eyes (28) - A revolutionary, she tries to break up the established order of corrupt deputies in the post apocalyptic landscape. She has a lot of passion and is skilled in hand to hand combat. She disguises herself with a headscarf to conceal her gender and identity. She is a Robin Hood style character, morally on the right path but labeled a terrorist by the Law.


    Didn't see this before. How do we go about getting an audition?

    Harlequin 01/18/2013  11:40am

    where to send resume for the part?

    Nicolina York 01/21/2013  4:55pm