• Master Class 01/19/2013  1:28pm

    Anyone get an appointment for Gulf Shore's Master Class from the P/R request on AA and the AEA website??


    I was wondering the same thing...

    redredrose 01/19/2013  2:43pm

    I didn't, and I know my agent was doing a push for me.

    Not that that means anything. There was only one role in the recent breakdown that went out- Sophie.

    BeMused 01/21/2013  12:13pm

    Yes. And it is not for Sophie it is for Sharon. (Sierra B/Audra part).

    LFC 01/21/2013  1:36pm

    I literally just typed the wrong name...silly me. Thanks for the clarification!

    BeMused 01/21/2013  3:13pm

    No prob! Wising all good luck this season!

    LFC 01/21/2013  5:24pm