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    Hi, my name is Francesca and I'm a sixteen year old who really wants to get a paid job in theatre/film/performing etc. It's not for the money, but more to show that I can do something in this industry. I am constantly scouring websites like Playbill.com to see if there is anything at all that will let me take part in a professional show of any kind. The only luck I've had was recently being in an episode of Wesley Taylor and Mitchell Jarvis' upcoming web series, "It Could Be Worse". It was unpaid, obviously, but was my very first "job". Basically, what I'm saying is that how do I break into the industry? I'm aware that I might sound naive and people may try to tell me I am too young at the moment, but I really want to do something in this industry at the age I am right now. I really want to just advice on finding auditions that I can go to, looking for opportunities like open calls and such. Thanks so much!


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    I suggest that you re-post this question on the "Bitching Post" section of the site with the same title preceded with "NAB" which means "Not a bitch" and just means you are asking a question. You will probably find more answers there.

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    You are not too young, I started when I was eight, and, as you can see am still pounding the pavement job to job. Good for you for taking the initiative and looking for information. It is a hard road, but if you love and live for it, then it found you and go for it. First, make sure you have headshots and appropriate resumes. Scan web sites of actors you like and see how theirs are formatted.

    Next, check into websites like actors access, backstage, etc. Look for theatres in your area that might offer non eq contracts so that you can further build your resume.

    As well, take as many classes and lessons as you can afford. Continue to pick the brains of those around you. Don't limit yourself to one medium, try them all.

    Break a leg!

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