• New Equity Member 01/20/2013  12:49pm

    Hi guys,

    I have a question about being a new Equity member and am hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction: I'm in a show and getting my card from it hooray!), but don't have my actual card or anything yet. Do you need to have your card in your hot little hand to attend Equity calls? I am so confused about this transition period and would appreciate any info from you wise people.

    Thank you in advance!


    Yes, you need your card to attend the calls.

    From the Equity home page:
    "Equity Contract. You may join the Association by virtue of employment under an Equity contract.
    Applications for joining Equity are only valid during the term of the contract. Certain contract types also
    have a length-of-employment requirement before a membership application becomes valid; the
    Membership Department will advise you at the time of joining. The Equity Council may also authorize
    eligibility for membership under special circumstances."

    "Equity’s initiation fee is currently $1,100 and must be paid within a maximum two-year period. You are
    cautioned that your membership, and any monies paid, will be forfeited should you fail to
    complete payment of the full initiation fee within the two-year time period. All membership
    privileges, including the right to vote and attend meetings and Equity-only auditions, commence upon
    the initial payment of $400 towards the initiation fee within six months of the filing of your application."

    AuditionUpdate 01/20/2013  1:42pm

    Cool, thank you. So I guess I just wait to audition for things until I have the physical card....? Or maybe go and be prepared to explain? Thank you!

    singoutlouise 01/20/2013  1:59pm

    Have you filled out the application?

    redredrose 01/20/2013  2:02pm

    Not yet- the show's producers have been in LA opening another show, so we haven't done that step yet. (I feel like that makes it sound super shady...I swear it is legit!) I am just confused about what to do in terms of auditioning as you transition from non-eq to Equity. Perhaps those questions will be answered once I sign the contract and it's submitted to AEA. Thanks, all!

    singoutlouise 01/20/2013  2:15pm

    Yep--as soon as you fill out the application, pay the "down payment" and get a physical card, you can start reaping the benefits at auditions. "Hey I'm totally equity now but I just don't have my card yet" won't cut it. Because you aren't equity until you complete the above steps. Congrats on getting your card!

    redredrose 01/20/2013  5:07pm

    It'll take a little while to get your official card after you apply; once the fee goes through, though, you can go to the Equity office and get a temporary one ahead of time that'll get you in.

    heyyou544 01/20/2013  6:42pm


    If you can get to a physical office by all means do it in person. It just saves time.

    redredrose 01/20/2013  6:55pm

    Thanks so much, for both the info and good wishes! You guys are the best.

    singoutlouise 01/21/2013  8:47am