• WST Full Monty 01/21/2013  12:05am

    Hey all, what do you think the deal is with this audition? It's for Westchester Sandbox Theatre's Full Monty. Appointments are Tuesday, Jan 22nd. The website is preeeetty low-rent and only seems to be a children's theatre. Any thoughts? Anyone else have an appt/have worked here?



    Ive worked there before. Yes, its small but was a very professional experience with a great staff. They do a lot of work with kids so that they can put on the main stage shows and make them good...

    Legit_Tenor 01/21/2013  1:46pm

    I second the above-- well worth the experience

    sing_happy 01/21/2013  3:43pm

    Awesome to hear. Thanks so much, guys! Two Qs if you don't mind- did you get housing, and was it just a small stipend or decent pay? Not trying to count my eggs before they hatch, but trying to decide between a few auditions that day and making my pros/cons list for each, ha. Thanks again!

    Missdramamama 01/21/2013  4:01pm

    No Housing, and i just received a stipend ( i worked there on one of their first paid shows though, and they have more money now). i know that for their production of Smokey Joes they had weekly salaries. But i say if you don't have anything going on for practically the month of February and wanna get a gig in then go for it, ya know?

    Legit_Tenor 01/21/2013  6:59pm

    i <3 WST! They have a super small theater in Westchester and they don't provide housing BUT rehearsals are usually at CAP21 which is fab, and if you live in the NYC area it's a short trip on the Metro-North for tech week/the shows to Mamaroneck and then a short walk to the theater...everyone that works there is very hard working and professional even on a community theater budget, stipend is about 300 bucks for what is usually a super short contract (so that basically covers travel expenses on the Metro North) so if you don't have anything else going on, it's a great place to bang out a quality show and not have to leave the city or change your routine too drastically.

    socalledchaos 01/25/2013  7:58am