• Greater Philadelphia Annual Auditions 01/21/2013  6:43pm

    Does anyone have any experience with these? They are coming up and I was wondering what experience people might have had regarding the application process, actual auditions, and results afterwards. Thanks!


    I know you have to live within a certain radius to city center Philly, which DQ's most NYC based actors. I believe you get up to 3 minutes in front of the theatres, enough time for a couple of monologues and a short song. Callbacks are not held there, but at the discretion of the theatres-Which is why they want you nearby.

    Sue D'Onimm 01/21/2013  10:44pm

    They pre-screen you based on your headshot and resume so it's not a first come, first serve thing. As posted above, they tend to favor local actors at least this early in the game. Many of the big Equity theaters (Walnut, Media) bring in people from New York for lead roles when they have callbacks/individual calls for each show later on in the year.

    It's basically your standard large audition for several companies at once, but there are only 2 days (one if you're non-eq) and the pre-screen is hard to pass if you haven't done some shows in the Philadelphia area. If you apply and don't get an appointment, the bigger companies do hold individual calls so all is not lost :)

    liz lemon 01/22/2013  9:58am

    Yeah I've been wondering the same things. Do they really favor actors with Philadelphia area experience in the screening process?

    workforit 01/22/2013  8:04pm

    They really do. Not 100% sure why, but they really really do value Philadelphia theater experience.

    Here are my best guesses:

    Financially most theater companies in Philadelphia probably cannot afford to bring in New York actors. The larger Equity houses can, and so they hold additional calls in New York. Several of the companies at the GPAAs are Equity but they are small. They probably don't have much wiggle room in terms of financial negotiations which could make local actors a better bet.

    The more likely answer is that these companies just prefer local actors for the sake of cultivating and further developing purely Philadelphian actors. They like their own scene. They don't seem to want people who will come in for a show and then return to New York. They want to work with people who want to stick around. There is a marked difference between New York and Philadelphia theater and I think these companies want to keep it that way.

    liz lemon 01/23/2013  11:07am

    In the past, the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia held the auditions. These auditions required actors to be local. However, that organization folded last year and the auditions are now held at The Walnut. On their website they state "All ages and types will be considered. There is no residency requirement..." There are 2 days of auditions and on the 1st day it's equity appointment only. On the 2nd day, there are appointments given on pre-screened headshots and resumes with priority of getting seen given to local actors. I've auditioned at the general auditions the past 2 years and have received callbacks as well as casting out of both of them. So it can't hurt to submit.

    Nanana 01/27/2013  3:13pm