• Merry GO Round on Sunday... 01/21/2013  11:16pm

    Hey guys,
    A friend and I are trying to get up to the Merry-Go-Round/Finger Lakes audition on Sunday January 27th (from Manhattan to Auburn). I have an appointment and my friend will be walking in.
    Would anyone who is driving be willing to let us carpool? We will help pay for gas and probably a meal along the way :)


    if there is room I'd love to jump in on that if this really happens. is your friend walking in because there are no slots left or because he/she is non eq?

    hkmac728 01/22/2013  1:13am

    SAME! let me know!!!

    auditionz 01/22/2013  10:40pm

    oooh same let me know!!! or in fact, why dont the 4 of us start a new car???????

    BFAinServing 01/22/2013  11:22pm

    anyone have a zipcar membership?

    BFAinServing 01/22/2013  11:26pm

    if anyone in this thread wants to talk, email me at bfainserving@gmail.com

    BFAinServing 01/22/2013  11:30pm

    Have MGR NYC appointments gone out?

    jerseygirl 01/23/2013  9:31am

    Ed told me appts would go out around Feb 1

    dopplegang 01/23/2013  9:34am

    I do not have a zip car account, but if someone does I would be happy to share that cost. My friend is non-eq. I don't mind waiting until everyone in this carpool gets seen. My email is mmhiggin@gmail.com. I'll email you in a bit. Thanks for all the responses so far :)

    hartoftexas03 01/23/2013  9:52am


    BFAinServing 01/23/2013  11:20am

    they hold non-AEA casting days in NYC

    dopplegang 01/23/2013  11:55am

    Oh yes I remember it well last year. Arrived at 7am to be #312

    BFAinServing 01/23/2013  12:23pm