• North Shore EPA Day 2 01/22/2013  7:01am

    Good morning! Starting the thread for today- is the line started yet?? Thanks!


    Oh yeah. About 15.

    crscornell 01/22/2013  7:07am

    Have they opened the doors yet?

    Ineedthisjob32 01/22/2013  7:20am

    Can someone please post what time the building opened this morning? Thanks!

    perkypants 01/22/2013  7:26am

    What is the line looking like?

    Hip Hop Anonymous 01/22/2013  7:38am

    Looking good, about 30-40 people here..

    somewhereoverNJ 01/22/2013  7:49am

    Please post on how open Eq appointments are and how many on the alt list.

    audition15 01/22/2013  8:21am

    Please post when they start seeing EMCs and how the alternate list is looking. Thanks!

    HeatherNY 01/22/2013  9:41am

    Pretty open here! I am equity but i just showed up at 9:48 and i got an 11:30 appointment and i am first on the alternate list.

    FrogPrincess 01/22/2013  9:47am

    Seeing non-Eq after lunch. Also, they want two contrasting 16s if you have it.

    thejollyraja 01/22/2013  10:09am

    EMC update?

    HeatherNY 01/22/2013  10:35am

    Anyone know what number the non-eq list is up to? Trying to figure out if I should try for after lunch today or just go later in the week. Thanks!

    bb787 01/22/2013  11:35am

    Have they seen any EMCs? If so what number are they up to. Can someone please update before lunch break :)

    Newbie 01/22/2013  12:15pm

    Hello! We are at #3 in EMC's before lunch. There is hope for us yet. At this rate it's going to be one or two an hour.

    dyinaintsobad 01/22/2013  12:32pm

    I haven't signed up yet and I'm Non-Eq. Is it worth going down now to sign up for or should I just wait for another day?

    Smactor 01/22/2013  12:47pm

    Just out of curiosity - who is the room today?

    FairyPerdita 01/22/2013  1:12pm

    Hey ya'll.... I'm Equity and can tell you the monitors yesterday were working hard to pack each slot with alternate listers and non-eqs. I believe the theatre specifically wanted to make sure they saw as many people as possible, so if you want to go, GO. And Equity peeps, they had open appointments yesterday when I walked in at 4:30pm, which I could not believe. I think having the 4 EPA days is helping spread out the crowd.

    MyNewFakeName 01/22/2013  1:27pm

    How many emc's are signed up?

    AvatarActor 01/22/2013  1:39pm

    When I signed up at 9:20 there were about 30 EMC's. I haven't been back to AEA yet (but am on my way) so I don't know if more signed up or how many on the list are actually there. Hope they've seen more then 3 of us at this point

    Newbie 01/22/2013  2:46pm

    About 26 on the non eq list. If they don't start non by 330 or 4 then they most likely wont get to them today.. Haven't started them yet...but still possible

    NJNY 01/22/2013  2:53pm

    What number EMC are they on? They seemed to have been moving super slowly this morning.

    HeatherNY 01/22/2013  2:55pm

    On number 3 of 50 emc. Non let go for day

    NJNY 01/22/2013  3:18pm

    One more AEA slot open at 4:30pm as of my leaving 10 minutes ago.

    BeMused 01/22/2013  3:31pm

    Who was in the room today? And what did they ask for??

    Ineedthisjob32 01/22/2013  4:36pm

    Arianna Knapp, Artistic Director
    Beth Vasta, Assoc. Producer
    Christopher McGovern, Accompanist

    Preferred 2 16-bar cuts

    BeMused 01/22/2013  6:06pm