• MGR and Ogunquit Non-eq 01/22/2013  9:57am

    Am i missing something? I keep seeing them post their equity calls, but i haven't seen a thing for their non-eq days. Do they come later or have I actually missed it?


    Ogunquit open singer call is Friday, Feb. 1 at 10am at Chelsea. Ogunquit open dancer call is Saturday, Feb. 2 at 2pm at Chelsea.

    I haven't seen anything about MGR open calls. I'm pretty sure Ogunquit's were listed on Playbill or Backstage...honestly can't remember.

    alwaysabridesmaid 01/22/2013  1:11pm

    Ogunquit is listed from 1/28 - 2/2


    AuditionUpdate 01/22/2013  1:51pm

    I swore I saw a noneq call for MGR on Feb 15th. I wrote it down about 3 wks ago, but now can't find it! :/

    Juicy1104 01/22/2013  8:27pm

    Open call is listed on their website.


    LFC 01/22/2013  10:46pm

    Does anyone know if Ogunquit sees non-eq at the ECC? Can't make the open call and wanted to know if anyone has had luck in the past...thanks!

    dncr89 01/23/2013  6:05pm