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  • Unofficial list was transferred, 19 non eqs

    Yogagirl91 10/12/2017  9:01am

    How many EMC seen?

    DHM 10/12/2017  10:07am

    Any update on this? Have they closed the list?

    ThatHorribleCat 10/12/2017  10:50am

    There are only two or three names left on the EMC list. They will probably start calling noneq soon!

    poorwandring1 10/12/2017  11:54am

    Could you post who is in the room please? Thank You!

    PLL 10/12/2017  12:09pm

    Danny Dunitz- CD
    Sean Forte- Accomp

    SlytherinScrelter 10/12/2017  2:22pm

    Anyone know if they have started seeing non eq and what number they're on?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/12/2017  2:47pm


    ThatHorribleCat 10/12/2017  3:12pm

    Up to 37 on non eq with lots of no-shows.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/12/2017  3:38pm