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  • Beef & Boards Dinner Theater 10/17/2017  7:10pm

    How busy do we think this call is going to be tomorrow? Holding room will be open at 8 and I believe they start seeing people at 9. They said that there may be a potential dance call at the end of the day at 4, which I would assume would be for people who are called back.


    Do they accept an unofficial list?

    ab123 10/17/2017  7:29pm

    Bump on the unofficial.. has it been taken in the past?

    godimamixer 10/17/2017  8:49pm

    Bump. Any information at all would be great!

    Megan 10/17/2017  9:36pm

    They usually accept an unofficial!

    Jessika 10/17/2017  9:37pm

    I've never been to an open call as an equity member, any idea how it's done for equity vs non-equity?

    luv2gab 10/17/2017  11:18pm

    equity has no rank pull at an open call.

    openspace14 10/17/2017  11:21pm

    List at 14 as of 6am

    soprano10 10/18/2017  5:49am

    List at 32 as of 630

    Jmblast15 10/18/2017  6:29am

    List at 42 names as of 6:45. List located outside the 250 entrance

    JessicaJones 10/18/2017  6:34am

    42 as of 6:47

    JusNikki54 10/18/2017  6:35am

    List at 55 as of 7am

    Megan 10/18/2017  6:50am

    When does the building open?

    FreckleFace 10/18/2017  7:00am

    List at 75 as of 7:20. Building opens at 8.

    Bald&Bearded 10/18/2017  7:12am

    Over 89 by 7:37 and if we are that far from the top, how much time do we have before we should head back? I’m new st this.

    Boppstar 10/18/2017  7:33am

    Over 100 7 45

    musicalwarrior 10/18/2017  7:34am

    Do we have to be there at 9am To be seen or can we come at 11 and sign up then and still get seen?

    happy 10/18/2017  7:46am

    140 now

    bewp 10/18/2017  7:58am

    List up to 150. Can someone post details later? Have to run to another call...

    ab123 10/18/2017  8:04am

    140 now

    bewp 10/18/2017  8:33am

    Any info on if they are taking the list? Or if typing is happening? Thanks!

    kittensurprise 10/18/2017  8:41am

    What floor?

    TJ5616 10/18/2017  8:42am

    Over 200 on list, 11th floor, looked like groups were lined up and going in already so no sign of typing while I was there

    Brushyourteeth 10/18/2017  9:06am

    Oh and if someone wants to post if/when they’re taking lunch that’d be great it’s not listed on backstage

    Brushyourteeth 10/18/2017  9:08am

    What number they at?

    Freekout05 10/18/2017  9:10am

    They are giving priority to Equity members, so they'll get to the head of the line as they come in.

    AndThisOfAllMyHopes 10/18/2017  9:15am

    Anyone know if they're going to close the list?

    Singingandcats 10/18/2017  9:18am

    Y'all, it's been a LONG time since I've been to Nola. Can anyone tell me if they have a resume cut/staple station? Thanks heaps x

    moblonde 10/18/2017  9:28am

    Any idea what number they've called to on unofficial list...?

    dancrdva 10/18/2017  9:28am

    Called through the 40s. Moving fast

    musicalwarrior 10/18/2017  9:33am

    no stapler/cut station in Nola

    sing_happy 10/18/2017  9:43am

    What number are they at/what floor is the audition on?

    Yogagirl91 10/18/2017  9:50am

    Was anyone told to come back at four for a dance call?

    starbythesea 10/18/2017  9:53am

    Bump on number

    Yogagirl91 10/18/2017  10:09am

    bump on how many they've seen?

    Rmsn222 10/18/2017  10:44am

    Called thru 75

    ab123 10/18/2017  10:44am


    Lbbbby 10/18/2017  11:18am

    Will someone post what time they are taking lunch today? Thank you!

    poorwandring1 10/18/2017  11:32am

    Any update on what number they've called???

    dancrdva 10/18/2017  11:46am

    Are they still taking walk ins? Or is it closed?

    DoinTheThing 10/18/2017  11:57am

    Hi everyone. We have called up to 96 as of 12:15PM. We are still taking sign-ins.

    GingaNinga 10/18/2017  12:03pm

    Hey!! So they ended up taking the unofficial list today?? No typing? And did they have everyone sing the 2 contrasting songs and monologue? Or did they cut that short?

    MissManhattan 10/18/2017  12:10pm

    Wait, it says on Backstage there’s open calls today & tomorrow... is this still true?

    caffeinedreamer 10/18/2017  12:12pm

    Sorry. Quick clarification. Equity members can walk in and be seen in the next group? Is that true?

    Huzzah 10/18/2017  12:26pm


    newyorkchic 10/18/2017  12:37pm

    They’ve called through 129

    mathematical 10/18/2017  12:40pm

    Are they on lunch now or is there no lunch?

    Brushyourteeth 10/18/2017  12:50pm

    ***Answers to some questions***
    AEA may walk in and be seen,
    Working through lunch,
    No typing today or tomorrow,
    Callbacks ITR.

    GingaNinga 10/18/2017  12:51pm

    ***Answers to some questions***
    AEA may walk in and be seen,
    Working through lunch,
    No typing today or tomorrow,
    Callbacks ITR.

    GingaNinga 10/18/2017  12:52pm

    ***Answers to some questions***
    AEA may walk in and be seen,
    Working through lunch,
    No typing today or tomorrow,
    Callbacks ITR.

    GingaNinga 10/18/2017  12:58pm

    List still open??

    newyorkchic 10/18/2017  1:11pm

    List is still open - they've called through 135.

    st1763 10/18/2017  1:20pm

    What are they asking for?

    Sopric 10/18/2017  1:48pm

    Anyone write down who was ITR?

    wannabegreen 10/18/2017  2:26pm

    What number are they at right now?

    cucumber 10/18/2017  2:34pm

    So it cutoff at 3pm... so what number are they starting with tomorrow?

    TheOptimistPrime 10/18/2017  2:51pm

    179 tomorrow

    IWBOB 10/18/2017  3:04pm

    So, it starting over with a new list tomorrow? How/when do we sign up for tomorrow then?

    ab2336 10/18/2017  3:09pm

    I hope some sweet soul can clairfy this for me because I’m trying to get seen tomorrow
    1. Did they take the unofficial list?
    2. Do they give priority to AEA? What about EMC?
    3. Are they starting a new list tomorrow?

    Suiteofjacks 10/18/2017  3:16pm

    Thank you all for your patience and for everyone who attended today's open call. Here is the info for tomorrow's open call:

    We will be starting at 9AM with the carry-over list from today's audition. This list includes all those who were not seen today and able to sing. Once completing this list, we will then move onto tomorrow's unofficial list which will be honored. If you are an Equity member, show the monitor your card when arriving at the audition and you will be placed in groups as you arrive.

    The audition will be run similar to today's open call. No typing. Dance call backs will be given in the room.

    Once again, thank you all for today and looking forward to seeing more of you tomorrow!

    GingaNinga 10/18/2017  4:35pm

    Any updates on EMC?

    DoinTheThing 10/18/2017  4:55pm

    Honest question. Truly just trying to understand procedures, If you are an equity theatre, why not follow epa rules or ecc rules? This seems to be a hybrid open call if equity is moved to the front of the line and the list is carried over from yesterday.

    Sid Solomon, can you help explain?

    what i did for love 10/18/2017  5:06pm

    Does anyone who signed up know how long the list is that is being rolled over tomorrow? I know they are starting at 179 but I'm just wondering what number the list goes to :-)

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/18/2017  6:21pm

    I signed up (to be rolled over) today at 2:50 and I was #249! And I’m reading here that they stopped the list at 3:00? Or did they just stop auditioning people at 3:00? Either way, I can’t imagine it’s that much past 250. The monitor said they were getting through about 70 per hour. So basically they’ll be doing 179-(about) 250ish in the morning! Hope this helps!! Xoxo

    newyorkchic 10/18/2017  6:40pm

    Thank you so much! That is extremely helpful!

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/18/2017  6:45pm

    I heard they’re having appts and auditions later on for the Christmas shows? Is this true?

    MissManhattan 10/18/2017  8:50pm

    So, based on the comment about them getting through 70 people per hour, I'm guessing they were only hearing one cut, for the most part? Also, I totally agree with "what I did for love", this seems like a confusing procedure.

    ab2336 10/18/2017  9:39pm

    I don't think they are getting through 70 an hour because they only saw 179 from 9am-3pm, so that would be about 35 an hour if you consider breaks.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/18/2017  10:53pm

    Friend did two cuts in the room.

    Anyone do the dance and can speak to the difficulty or style?

    And I'd think they'd be starting rehearsals for a Christmas show ASAP? So I can't imagine they are having appointments. Their website says they are looking for dancers, though.

    Smactor 10/18/2017  10:58pm

    How long did the list go?? If there’s 100 people rolled over from today before even starting a list tomorrow I feel like I’m just wasting my time and energy

    ihopeigetit 10/18/2017  11:08pm

    The monitor said they were seeing about 30 an hour but it was probably less. They called through #179 but lots of people were no-shows. I didn't see how long the list was at 3:00 but I know it was up to 230 as of 11:00 and they were still letting people sign up till 3:00. Monitor announced that everyone on that list who wasn't seen today (even below #179 who missed their name) will be allowed to audition before people on tomorrow's new list. And Equity members get seen as they show up. I'm curious if someone could share about today's dance callback, and was anyone given a non-dance callback?

    FierceConversations 10/18/2017  11:18pm

    Hold the phone. People who weren't seen because they didn't get there early enough to sign up are going to be seen before the people who wake up early for the second day?! I'm calling BS

    ShirleyDevoreAt5Riverside 10/19/2017  1:28am

    Wow, so they might be spending most of day 2 getting through the people they didn't get to see on day 1. I wonder how many "day 2" people they will get through....

    Huzzah 10/19/2017  5:04am