• North Shore, Friday Day 4 01/25/2013  6:55am

    7 AM now with 5 people in line. They let us in to the room upstairs. Cross your fingers today!


    I think the big question of the morning is have any EMC/noneq been seen at all for North Shore in the past 4 days? Any info from the past week would be so helpful if it saves me a trip, thanks!

    socalledchaos 01/25/2013  7:17am

    7:30 & 20 people in line

    rouss 01/25/2013  7:32am

    Anyone have an update for how many are on line now? Thanks!

    iheartny 01/25/2013  8:26am

    24 on EMC. 25 on non-eq. don't know what the equity appointments are like but the line was pretty long.

    cookie 01/25/2013  8:59am

    Socalledchaos - I know they saw a few emcs on monday. Maybe 20 or 25? But I don"t think any have been seen since then.

    cait889 01/25/2013  9:31am

    Still some appointments left for the afternoon!

    actor524 01/25/2013  9:55am

    Could someone post if any EMC's happen to get seen? Thank you!

    Ska123 01/25/2013  9:59am

    Is there an equity alternate list already? How long?

    bamfs 01/25/2013  10:14am

    Any appts left??

    singit 01/25/2013  10:35am

    I was told there's a very short alternate list, but they've been calling EMC. not sure how many...maybe 3 or 4

    cookie 01/25/2013  10:37am

    About 7 or 8 on alt list - 4 seen til now? A few afternoon appointment slots.
    39 Emc. 3 seen
    35 non-equity. Unsure if being seen.

    redgirl 01/25/2013  10:48am

    This is only a QUESTION please don't get upset:-) I see so many people ask to be told if they are seeing EMC or non eq. What difference does it make if your not there?? The longer you take to get there, the more people will be signing up before you get there. You might as well just go down and take your chances like everyone else. Just a thought:-)

    Ineedthisjob32 01/25/2013  11:02am

    Ineedthisjob- point taken. It is not uncommon, however, for people to sign up on the emc or non-eq list, and then leave the building to do other things. I don't think it's at all unreasonable for such people to inquire as to the situation before making the return trip.

    BigGuy86 01/25/2013  12:48pm

    Any updates on what's going on? I'm pretty far down on the non-equity list, so if the alternate or EMC list is a mile long, I'd rather not venture out into the bitter cold again.

    anabanana0714 01/25/2013  12:52pm

    how many equity alternates are there on the list and how many have been called?

    hteb 01/25/2013  1:54pm

    How's it looking? Still going slow? Who are they up to???

    NJNY 01/25/2013  2:02pm

    Ineedthisjob- leave your snarky "questions" on bitching post. There's no need for them here.

    I just now got out of work (hence, not signing up or wasting my time) does anyone there think there's any hope for non-eq or does it seem to be following the trend of the previous audition days? Thanks, guys!

    bb787 01/25/2013  2:46pm

    Asked 5 minutes ago and still only 3 EMCs seen.

    Dancindan 01/25/2013  2:57pm


    If by chance you hear about appointments and/or alternates, that would be hugely appreciated, too....give an idea if there is much chance to move down that list quickly :-)


    sing_happy 01/25/2013  3:04pm

    Non-union list will not be seen today. Artistic Director came out and mentioned there will be a seperate open call for non-union.

    Dancindan 01/25/2013  3:17pm

    No appointments but they are taking people on the alternate list.

    Dancindan 01/25/2013  3:19pm

    You guys are gems thanks!

    sing_happy 01/25/2013  3:23pm

    Dancindan, did they mention when the non-eq call will be taking place?

    anabanana0714 01/25/2013  4:02pm

    It is to my understanding that the Non-Eq calls will not be held in New York, but at the actual theater... :(

    NJNY 01/25/2013  4:28pm

    North Shore always has noneq auditions in NY. The local auditions at the theatre are for local actors only. Their definition of local is total inedpendence from the theatre (car, gas, housing closeby). There's no reason to drive to Boston if you're not local. If Ari came out & said there will be seperate noneq calls, there will be :)

    Juicy1104 01/26/2013  1:02pm

    Hi everyone! I had to leave before yesterday's lunch break, and I'm just curious how far they got on the EMC list. thanks!

    cookie 01/26/2013  4:22pm

    They got 3 EMCs in early then everything came to a screeching halt, and it wasn't until 5pm that they let EMCs go. I should know, I was number 4 on the list, and after also waiting all day the two EPAs prior it was kind of a disappointing end to the week to be so close. Oh well, that's how it goes and on to the next! :-)

    AtTimesLikeThis 01/27/2013  1:58pm

    Thanks for the update! I was #7 on the EMC list so I was curious if they even made it that far. :)

    cookie 01/27/2013  2:50pm