• Are they having appts here? They still tend to do live auditions only on the west coast.

    Showbizdreamer 11/25/2017  4:06pm

    I meant to post the location as LA. My baddddd

    GrandmaGirl 11/26/2017  1:20am

    LOLZ, I was gonna say when did they start coming here!!

    Showbizdreamer 11/26/2017  9:47am

    Has anyone on the east coat been contacted for submissions?

    Keeter5 11/27/2017  5:34pm


    BariTenor: A Link Between Voice Parts 11/27/2017  8:23pm

    I have not been contacted about appointments, but there was activity on my submission video...I may email them today. I don’t live on the east coast, just in the right place at the right time, so I need to know soon

    GrandmaGirl 11/28/2017  1:21pm

    I mean west coast. Lord in heaven I never know where I am these days

    GrandmaGirl 11/28/2017  3:27pm

    ^^^^ but you were contacted and given sides for a video submission?

    Keeter5 11/28/2017  7:18pm


    BariTenor: A Link Between Voice Parts 11/28/2017  8:02pm

    No. I sent a video I had already made in the past. Every time I have auditioned for these shows I have done the same audition sides so I put it all on video. I emailed them yesterday and received my appointment information. I'll be going in the room in LA to do basically the same sides I had on tape. But its always better be in the room, and Im super familiar with the material! Haha

    GrandmaGirl 11/29/2017  1:08pm


    daisy17 11/30/2017  1:12am

    Anyone here about callbacks for this/know what the timeline is like?

    daisy17 12/05/2017  9:01pm

    I asked the monitor and he had no idea. I think they had auditions in San Fran yesterday. So I guess now they will just review any video submissions from the East coast, and make their casting decisions. Not sure how quickly this theatre moves. I've never auditioned for them before.

    GrandmaGirl 12/06/2017  1:01pm