• Fireside Open Calls 01/26/2013  7:20pm

    Can someone give me the dates and times for the Fireside open dancer and singer calls? I'm unable to find the listings. Thanks!


    Are you sure they are having them? they've already had local calls(which probably means they cast non union locals) and the equity auditions were posted a month ago, so if they were having them they would've posted by now right? I could be wrong, but if not try to get seen at all the eq calls if you can!

    JSL32 01/27/2013  8:53am

    I believe Jan 29...at Nola.

    Nattalyee 01/27/2013  9:13am

    just double check because i only see the equity calls....mon, thurs and friday

    JSL32 01/27/2013  9:45am

    They are jan 29th at Nola. I saw it on Backstage and even took a screenshot of the posting.
    But beware...they are typing as soon as everyone signs up.

    Beltforyourlife 01/27/2013  11:02am

    and they said they're not honoring unofficial lists

    Legit_Tenor 01/27/2013  12:54pm

    Thanks everyone! I'm assuming Tuesday the 29th is the open call for singers and sign up will begin around 9? Does anyone have info about an open dance call?

    flan 01/27/2013  1:30pm

    The dancer call for women is at 1:30 I believe with the men at 10am on February 2nd. Which isn't helpful because the call is the same time as Ogunquit's open dance call.

    your2ndcousin 01/27/2013  2:23pm


    Thats for the EPA tomorrow!

    Abbreviate 01/27/2013  10:00pm

    Fireside Theatre, Two Shows, WI

    The Fireside Theatre (Fort Atkinson, WI) is casting its productions of "Annie Get Your Gun" (Irving Berlin, music & lyrics; Herbert & Dorothy Fields, book; Ed Flesch, dir.; Mary Ehlinger, musical dir.; Amber Mak, choreo. Rehearsals begin April 1; runs April 18-June 9) and "Little Shop Of Horrors" (Alan Menken, music; Howard Ashman, book & lyrics; Ed Flesch, dir.; Mary Ehlinger, musical dir.; Kate Swan, choreo. Rehearsals begin May 27; runs June 13–July 14.) Ed Flesch, artistic dir.

    Shows rehearse and run in Fort Akinson, WI.

    "Annie Get Your Gun"—Annie Oakley: female, star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, pretty leading lady, a little rough around the edges in a backwoods, hillbilly way, outstanding singer with strong legit and belt, must move very well and have strong comic ability. Frank Butler: male, sharpshooter, The Buffalo Bill Wild West Show's main attraction before Annie joins the troupe, handsome leading man, strong baritone, a bit conceited but a nice guy with a warm, romantic side. Buffalo Bill: male, famous frontiersman turned show business icon, comic character man who sings and moves well. Sitting Bull: male, ideally Native American or some other person of color but all ethnicities encouraged to audition, renowned Indian warrior, joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West show because he is impressed with Annie, wise with a wry sense of humor, most often the smartest person on stage, character man with strong comic ability. Charlie Davenport: male, The Wild West Show's marketing man, brash, fast-talking, conniving, but a good guy underneath, must sing well and have strong comic ability. Dolly Tate: female, Frank Butler's assistant, very attractive showgirl type; jealous of Annie, has a sarcastic side but is a good person in the end, good singer, dancer, with strong personality. Pawnee Bill: male, owner of a rival Wild West Show, a Buffalo Bill wannabe, comic character man.

    "Little Shop of Horrors"—Seymour Krelborn: male, nebbish-like and insecure, naive, sweet, and well-meaning, must sing well and have strong comic ability. Audrey: female, gum-snapping, bleached-blond airhead on the outside with a warm romantic heart on the inside, must sing very well with a clear high belt and have strong comic ability. Mr. Mushnik: male, 40s-50s, Jewish, comic character man, stereotypical gruff shop owner. Orin Scrivello: male, Audrey's dentist boyfriend, handsome, full of himself, with a cruel streak. Actor also plays various other roles such as Narrator, Wino, Customer, Radio Announcer, Marketing Guy, etc. Must sing well and have good comic ability. Voice of Audrey II: wise-cracking, larger than life character with a big, deep, booming voice and a street-wise, urban speaking style, must sing well. Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon: female, African-American, three street urchins who function as participants in the action and as the "doo-wop" chorus observing it, must sing and move very well.

    Open auditions (equity & non-equity performers) will be held Jan. 29, 10 a.m. (sign-up begins at 8:30 a.m.) at Nola Studios, 250 W. 54th St. (btwn. Broadway & 8th Ave.), 11th fl., NYC.

    Monitor will begin signing people up when building opens at 8:30 a.m. Do not start an unofficial list, it will not be honored. Be signed up by 9:45 a.m. Typing will take place at 10 a.m. Prepare 16 bars in the style of the show. You may sing from the show.

    Competitive salary, plus EMC points, housing, meals, and travel provided.

    lalalala 01/28/2013  10:03am

    This is the info that was personally emailed to me by the Artistic director (because I am fancy like that)

    Equity Chorus Call / Dancers:

    Friday, February 1, 2013 Nola Studios

    10 AM – Equity male dancers who sing/act well

    2 PM – Equity female dancers who sing/act well

    250 West 54th Street, New York City

    Please be warmed up and ready to dance when the call begins. Bring character shoes. Some may be asked to stay and sing after all have danced. Please prepare 16 bars of music; singing from the show is fine.

    Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

    AuditionUpdate 01/28/2013  10:47am