• Mamma Mia NonUnion Tour 01/28/2013  5:01am

    Hi all! The list has about 15 ppl scattered thru the first 25. The guard has posted the list on the first pillar as you enter. Until the 16th floor elevator is open, the list will remain there. See you all later.


    theres already people there? yikes! On my way! Thanks for the update.

    Abbreviate 01/28/2013  5:35am

    What is the line looking like?? On my way!!

    Virgo825 01/28/2013  5:45am

    Where are we at?

    Damie_N 01/28/2013  6:26am

    Signed up at 6:20 and was number 130. #ABSURD

    iPoop 01/28/2013  6:30am


    needadrink 01/28/2013  6:30am

    Thank you for the updates! Stinks living in Guam aka Staten island lol

    LilMermaid66 01/28/2013  6:33am

    Lots of people signing up their friends. They're up to 170 and someone took the list upstairs. This is going to be fun.

    dyinaintsobad 01/28/2013  6:41am

    List is in the 190's

    EthelMerman 01/28/2013  6:46am

    Seriously?!?! This whole signing up 20+ friends crap is unacceptable.

    goldenslumbers 01/28/2013  6:46am

    You know the most disheartening part, is I really thought I was getting up early enough (5:30). At this rate, we might as well start signing in at midnight. This is just ridiculous.

    alwaysabridesmaid 01/28/2013  7:13am


    pennyforyourthoughts 01/28/2013  7:17am

    Just signed up and the list is at 300. God help us all.

    goldenslumbers 01/28/2013  7:22am

    Eh....never mind.

    MaxiFord 01/28/2013  7:37am

    Good God! Days like this make me GRATEFUL for the auditioners that refuse to take the unofficial list. People. Be. Crazy. Break legs, all.

    ner237 01/28/2013  7:48am

    A horde of people in the lobby on te first floor. The security guard just said no one can sit down in the lobby. So now, we are standing. Absolutely nowhere to sit/stand/be on the 16th floor. Help us!!!!

    janky 01/28/2013  8:09am

    Please keep us posted if they are typing and what time. Thanks!

    Lucyloo 01/28/2013  8:13am

    Wait... Are you saying they aren't honoring the unofficial list? Because I left to go sign up for an EPA and I'm just wondering if I need to run back and sign up again for mamma Mia..... They usually take the unofficial list so....

    ticklemeplease 01/28/2013  8:15am

    Heard through the grapevine that the list is being transferred at 9am? What's this entail exactly?

    And just on a side note: I don't see the problem with signing up friends.

    Smactor 01/28/2013  8:20am

    bump! any updates? what does transferring the list mean?

    perfectfootslut 01/28/2013  8:32am

    I don't have a problem if a friend signs one person up with themselves now n then. Especially on crazy days like this.. I DO have a problem when there are 5 and 10 (and Some people 20...)more people they sign up. That's uncalled for.

    TapForLife 01/28/2013  8:41am

    AKTORIA: you're just asking for a fight by posting that comment! Lol

    Drivingmecrazy 01/28/2013  8:42am

    Transferring the list means they take the unofficial list and copy it to the official one. Typically. And yea, with this many people I'd imagine they'd type. So I'd check back in at 9:30 if I were you.

    ner237 01/28/2013  8:42am

    Transferring list to time slots at 9(ish). Must be present to get a slot. 8 bars. See you there! :)

    JDC 01/28/2013  8:43am

    List is up to 430....there has been no announcement regarding transferring lists, 8 bars , or typing...people who are posting otherwise are trying to freak you out and are being rude.

    perkypants 01/28/2013  8:47am

    Aw man! I was so far back on the list I just came back home after signing up. Ah well. Best of luck to everyone getting a slot.

    goldenslumbers 01/28/2013  8:53am

    JDC is joy dewing lol. So if she says 8 bars that's what they are doing!

    librasinger 01/28/2013  8:54am

    List is over 500. No news on transfer, typing or anything else. They've filled the lobby and overflowed to three holding rooms....

    its just me 01/28/2013  8:56am

    Sorry for calling you rude I had no idea! Haha good to know!

    perkypants 01/28/2013  8:58am

    After 200 come back at 12

    janky 01/28/2013  9:18am

    AW MAN. You guys this is why we should refuse these stupid lists. Tom had a great idea in the bitching post.

    You KNOW 85% of those people were home in bed until just in time and are going to get in before you. Well-rested and warmed up. And now people over 200 (many who were actually there, in person, at 7am) have to come back after noon and HOPE they get seen in time before they go to work or whatever.


    JJ 01/28/2013  9:28am

    Are people still signing up? If so what time are we up to?

    auditoneree123 01/28/2013  9:37am

    Using unofficial list, apparently you don't have to come back for list transfer. Seeing numbers after 200 after noon

    Kirk 01/28/2013  9:39am

    Any update on how quickly they are moving/ what number they are currently on? They said 30 an hour, but with 8bar cuts they should be able to move much faster than that.

    trs 01/28/2013  10:18am

    Does anyone know how many they've seen and how many headshots they've collected so far? Thanks!

    srp326 01/28/2013  10:20am

    When I was there someone came in the holding room and said the first 100 people needed to get cards, up to #200 needed to stay and everyone else should come back at 12:30. 8 bar cuts. And that was the last I heard

    tryintomakeit 01/28/2013  10:23am

    A girl that was like #50 on the list just walked in the door. This is ridiculous you guys. We all have to work. We all want to sleep. Sign yourself in and let everyone else decide what they need to do for them. It's really unfair and once you're Equity no one can sign up anyone but themselves. Start being professional early on instead of this childish junk where people sign up their whole graduating class.

    bb787 01/28/2013  10:31am

    When you are equity, you can sign up in advance...like, DAYS, in advance. You can also sign up as #1 or #100.

    Being Non-Eq just sucks.

    I am partial on signing up friends because I know I do it and my best friend does it too. But when I do it, I sign up one, MAYBE two people because I know they have done it for me before and will continue to do it for me.

    There really is no solution to this. There are too many of us. So, we should just shine so we can get appointments and not ever have to wake up before Rafiki starts singing.

    BookMe 01/28/2013  10:46am
    AuditionUpdate 01/28/2013  10:52am

    What number are they up to for collecting headshots? Does it appear after 200 will still be after 12:00p?

    TipToes 01/28/2013  11:12am

    I'm also curious how fast they're moving so far...30 people an hour like they thought? More? Less? I'm in the 300's and wondering if it's even worth coming back after 12:00. If they only see 30 an hour in an 8-ish hour day, then I'm thinking it doesn't look promising for me.

    CockeyedOptimistSometimes 01/28/2013  11:17am

    Collected headshots up to 170ish and lined up people up to around 100ish

    TipToes 01/28/2013  11:40am

    What number r they up to?

    auditoneree123 01/28/2013  11:48am

    I don't think they have posted an open call yet...

    singforyoursupper 01/28/2013  12:35pm

    What's the update? What #s are they on now? At 9:30am I was #530 and was told to come back at 3pm. Monitor told me they were planning to work through lunch.

    ravenclaw 01/28/2013  12:41pm

    What numbers have they called through? Please update.

    abcd 01/28/2013  12:41pm

    They called up to 200

    TipToes 01/28/2013  12:56pm

    Now up to 230's

    TipToes 01/28/2013  1:08pm

    Collecting headshots up to 275 right now

    TipToes 01/28/2013  1:30pm

    Can anyone update where they are in the list? Thanks!

    PolkaDots 01/28/2013  2:28pm

    Thanks for the play by play TipToes! Much appreciated

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 01/28/2013  2:30pm

    Any updates?

    iLoveLucy1986 01/28/2013  2:30pm

    Up to 320.

    BroadwayDuck 01/28/2013  2:35pm

    What number r they on now?

    iLoveLucy1986 01/28/2013  3:31pm

    Today was rough for non eqs. I didn't get seen at all for anything but buck up broncos! Our day will come. Stay positive and Rememeber if this was easy everyone would do it and there wouldn't be any lawyers or doctors or what have you. Til then let's laugh at ourselves and move forward: here's ep 4 of non eq dinner theatre spotted to hopefully make you laugh it off...


    Itsmeeeeeee 01/28/2013  5:56pm

    That is delightful and hilarious! Thank you for posting:-) Keep the faith future members!!

    Bunnygirl 01/28/2013  6:10pm

    I was a number around 540 ish ... at 4pm I had to leave. Do you know if they saw everyone?

    bobo 01/28/2013  7:36pm

    everyone was not seen, I believe they saw up to like 490 but no one after that ..I was 417 and was in the last group of 30 to be seen but there was some misnumbering so they skipped to the 480s I believe. They went up until 6pm.

    tryintomakeit 01/28/2013  9:01pm

    Anyone write down who was in the room? I know Joy was...

    RidinBirdie 01/28/2013  9:37pm