• In The Heights Engeman @ Pearl Studios 12/04/2017  10:29pm

    Sign up is at 9:00am. When are people starting to sign up and when does Pearl open?



    abcdes 12/05/2017  1:01am


    ColCriLI 12/05/2017  5:16am

    Unofficial list is at 18

    caffeinedreamer 12/05/2017  7:47am

    Hi guys!
    Should I go to this audition if I'm a singer first? I'm a dancer too I've been dancing for 8 years but I'm definitely not a dancer dancer? But I'm really the type for the show. Do you think it's a waste of time?
    Thank you!!

    abcdes 12/05/2017  7:53am


    Kind of in the same situation here but there’s no hurt in trying it out! There is not many open calls lately, so use it as practice and experience and who knows, it may work out in the best way! :) Also, it’s a free dance class.

    caffeinedreamer 12/05/2017  8:00am

    From their website:


    SONNY (Male, 20s to play mid-late teens) Usnavi’s streetwise, goofball younger cousin. Latinx. Must have comedic chops. Tenor to Bb4.

    CARLA (Female, 20-29) Sweet and likable gal who loves to dance and works at the salon. Should be a dancer. Latinx.

    GRAFFITI PETE (Male, Late teens-20s) Streetwise, self-made Artist. Excellent Hip-hop dancer with Salsa. All ethnicities.

    ENSEMBLE (Male/Female, 20s-30s) Strong dancer/singers with vibrant personalities. Must be good Salsa dancers – partnering required. Hip-Hop skills a must. Should be able to adapt to different styles quickly. Various ethnicities.

    Mimimarquez 12/05/2017  8:45am

    Any updates? Typing or closing the list?

    lululemming 12/05/2017  9:55am

    Does anyone know if they already had a singers call? thanks!

    abcdes 12/06/2017  8:39pm