• Les Mis UTAH 01/28/2013  6:48am

    Any updates yet about the non eq list or if they're being seen?


    Can someone say about how many are on the equity "not on the list" line

    gabstar101 01/28/2013  8:55am

    Any word on if they will see non eq women? Or how many cards they handed out to Eq??

    Cado 01/28/2013  9:42am

    They are past 200 cards so that means typing. Non Eq can stay at home.

    Falsettoland 01/28/2013  10:04am

    ^^ nope, they're not typing. 16 bars 1-20 is already lined up

    illcoveryou55 01/28/2013  10:08am

    Anyone know who is in the room and who the pianist is?

    AquarianBulldogNYC 01/28/2013  10:11am

    It looks like everyone is in the room. The director, MD, producer, etc....will post names when I get a chance....

    Bunnygirl 01/28/2013  10:16am

    Can we keep each other updated on what number their up to? Thank you!!!

    singit 01/28/2013  10:29am

    Is there a final word on whether they are seeing non eq? I'm just unclear from the posts.

    tinydancer1234 01/28/2013  10:54am

    They announced that they are not seeing non eq

    ohia89 01/28/2013  10:59am

    They have closed the call for equity, which I believe means that they will not see non-eq.

    lilmississy 01/28/2013  11:00am

    They are accepting drop offs

    rut84 01/28/2013  11:07am

    What number are they on??

    singit 01/28/2013  11:39am

    They have called through 33 on the alternate list

    lilmississy 01/28/2013  11:40am

    Sorry...that's for Ogunquit. Les miz they have called through 60

    lilmississy 01/28/2013  11:42am

    Thanks! On the alt list or are reg list?

    singit 01/28/2013  11:46am

    Up to 80

    raehenderson 01/28/2013  12:13pm

    Any news on the male CC?

    ActorDude 01/28/2013  2:27pm

    199 Equity Males, singing 8 bars, no EMC or Non-Eq will be seen.

    MyFriendBobSacamano 01/28/2013  3:10pm

    Have they closed this call to Equity men?

    Tallguy 01/28/2013  3:29pm

    Yes, call is closed.

    MyFriendBobSacamano 01/28/2013  3:42pm