• Les mis 01/28/2013  7:08am

    How is this looking? Is there a line yet?


    Line is inside Times Square center, about 40 people here don't know what calls everyone is here for.

    illcoveryou55 01/28/2013  7:12am

    About 45 non eq ladies, 10 non eq men

    librasinger 01/28/2013  7:44am

    Casting team is not jobbing in ANY non eqs for this one...

    09876 01/28/2013  8:01am

    They're not seeing non eq or emc??

    caitmtlvr 01/28/2013  8:04am

    Don't know about that, just know they aren't hiring any.

    09876 01/28/2013  8:06am

    I'm not sure if that's true about non-eq. They called me in for cosette and I'm not equity.

    Oopsgirl34 01/28/2013  8:26am

    May be different if they called you in. I'm basing this off of someone on the team. I have no personal interest in this- just giving the info I have.

    09876 01/28/2013  8:30am

    That's not even helpful information.. they could always give a nonequity actor their card. You just trying to scare of nonequity actors from the audition?

    JJ 01/28/2013  8:53am

    I'm not auditioning and I'm equity. I don't care either way. Just trying to be helpful. Don't need any attitude. I won't post again. Good luck

    09876 01/28/2013  9:33am

    Not seeing non eq for les mis just announced

    Actorshelpingactors 01/28/2013  10:03am

    09876, it is helpful. Thanks so much. :)

    GodImAMover 01/28/2013  10:40am