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    Babeh 01/28/2013  7:41am

    About 40-50 equity/emc in line. Non eq list at 30ish

    librasinger 01/28/2013  7:43am

    Just woke up but would love to run over and get an appt.. How's it looking?

    causeimablonde 01/28/2013  9:08am

    Slots full. Short alternate list

    Gypsy5758 01/28/2013  9:21am

    How many emc's are there? What is it looking like? Thanks!

    sixbefore 01/28/2013  9:27am

    Any news for non-eq yet?

    juliamenn 01/28/2013  9:58am

    Thank you Gypsy! Got it right as I was about to leave the house. :]

    causeimablonde 01/28/2013  10:10am

    Was at like 50 on eq alternate list,

    Kirk 01/28/2013  10:34am

    Can someone post when they start calling alternates and an update on how many? You guys are amazing.

    Oneofmany 01/28/2013  10:39am

    As of a few minutes ago, they had called through 10 on the alt list.

    lilmississy 01/28/2013  10:44am

    Does anyone know if they're having an open call? They have one every year, but I haven't seen one posted anywhere.

    amandayachechak 01/28/2013  11:14am

    No non-eq. Accepting drop offs

    rut84 01/28/2013  11:14am

    I think they're doing an open call on Friday.... but I could be making that up completely.

    cait889 01/28/2013  11:16am

    They're up to 18 on the alternate list and they just told emc to come back after lunch.

    Ska123 01/28/2013  11:29am

    Now they've called through 33 on the alt list.

    lilmississy 01/28/2013  11:44am

    cait - yes, the open call is friday

    SuperTucker 01/28/2013  12:46pm

    does anyone have that posting about the open call? All I saw on backstage/playbill were the EPA/ECC calls...

    singforyoursupper 01/28/2013  1:04pm

    Can anyone tell us who is in the room? Thanks.

    wonkywonk 01/28/2013  1:07pm

    What's the alt list like? Have they seen everyone?

    librasinger 01/28/2013  1:10pm

    Through 44 on alt list. The list is up to 119. They're at lunch until 2.

    lilmississy 01/28/2013  1:29pm

    Can someone post the info for the open call? I can't find it anywhere! Thanks!

    amandayachechak 01/28/2013  3:05pm

    What number is the alternate list?

    Woohoo! 01/28/2013  4:08pm

    No EMCs today :-/

    bradyd62 01/28/2013  8:21pm