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  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory @ Pearl Studios 12/07/2017  8:37am

    Whats the latest on this? How many people in line? Appts filling up? Thanks.


    Bump on Equity Appointments and Alt list. Thank you!

    EeeZee 12/07/2017  9:37am

    Who is ITR, please?

    LyricSymphony 12/07/2017  9:56am

    All I know is that they’re taking in non-equity at 10:30

    Exitstageleft 12/07/2017  10:12am

    who's ITR?

    sohoguy 12/07/2017  11:32am

    Rebecca Scholl ITR

    This call is wideeeeeeeee open

    singingguy123 12/07/2017  11:48am