• Satire off Broadway 01/28/2013  11:53pm

    Has anyone previously worked with or heard anything about Michael Horn's Satire off Broadway? They were in backstage recently. Thanks for the help!


    This is Something Outrageous. He changed the title recently. There have been a lot of negative posts on this site about it. Just don't do it

    HeatherNY 01/29/2013  8:05am

    Agreed. Avoid completely.

    tinydancer1234 01/29/2013  8:47am

    Um, no, this is not and never has been Something Outrageous. Something Outrageous was mostly improvised, this is 100% scripted. Something Outrageous was about sex and dating, Satire Off Broadway mocks city living, therepy, artists, etc. Something Outrageous was inspired by Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes Love. But the material in Satire Off Broadway predates that show by over a decade. I worked on both shows. This reputation is utter nonsense.

    Justtoclearthingsup 02/07/2013  3:48pm