• Hudson Valley Shakespeare 01/29/2013  8:18am

    Has anyone been to AEA to check this out? Can you let me know if they r seeing non-eq? Thanks!


    There are 22 EMC's signed up. Not sure about the non-eq list.

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/29/2013  9:43am

    Are there any appointments still available for this? Or is the alternate list crazy?

    aprince4whatever 01/29/2013  9:59am

    Any updates about noneq//Emc?

    Davesicle 01/29/2013  10:42am

    They said non Eq may get seen after lunch.

    mercibeaucoup 01/29/2013  11:45am

    have any EMC been seen? Is there an equity alternate list?

    Newbie 01/29/2013  11:55am

    At 11:45 I was 36th on the EMC list. There were still Equity appointments, not sure how many, and 3 names left on the Equity Alt list.

    Hotspur 01/29/2013  12:03pm

    Could someone update on how long the non-eq list is?

    bowe123 01/29/2013  2:51pm