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  • Dumb question @ 01/12/2018  10:03am

    Hey guys—dumb question: for an epa, do emcs have to line up whenever they get there (ie 6am), or do auditors usually honor an unofficial list?


    Never an unofficial list for EMCs -- line only. Monitors cannot honor an unofficial list for EMCs/Equity members (they're in the same line).

    kb 01/12/2018  11:30am

    This is my first spring as an EMC... what's a kosher time to show up and wait in line? 6?

    ekat1991 01/12/2018  11:31am

    You are welcome to show up and start the line whenever you like. If you’re the first one there, then you’re first in line. It’s totally acceptable for an EMC to be in line before an equity actor. You just have to be in the same line. And don’t start an unofficial list. They aren’t valid for EMC since you have to show your card.

    Livingthedream82 01/12/2018  12:25pm