• 70 on the list at 7:10am

    HCHS1209 01/30/2013  7:04am

    Any updates? Thanks!!

    Bumblebee1 01/30/2013  8:24am

    I signed the unofficial list at 6:40 and I was #37. Any word on them honoring that list?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/30/2013  8:26am

    Hey there, what's the latest?

    alwaysabridesmaid 01/30/2013  8:34am


    K1116 01/30/2013  8:39am

    224 at 8:44 am.

    Uh5678 01/30/2013  8:41am


    K1116 01/30/2013  9:30am

    Are they still accepting sign ins?

    Star7827 01/30/2013  9:50am

    They are still accepting sign ins and they took the unofficial list. They took resumes from the first 30. If ur in the list and not here, you'll be pushed to the end.

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/30/2013  9:55am

    Don't miss your number

    K1116 01/30/2013  10:15am

    Any info about the guy's list?

    kjjohnson 01/30/2013  10:23am

    Can girls still come?! How long is the girls dancer call? Just finished another call...

    parislover 01/30/2013  11:09am

    Don't miss your number

    K1116 01/30/2013  11:16am

    List is over 350 now. If you haven't signed up yet they said it's not likely but you can sign up anyways!

    BroadwayDuck 01/30/2013  12:08pm

    up to what number has gone into the room so far?

    dancerm 01/30/2013  12:12pm

    Just called up to 294.

    BroadwayDuck 01/30/2013  12:13pm

    Now up to 327.

    BroadwayDuck 01/30/2013  12:32pm

    Taking the headshots of everyone left now!

    BroadwayDuck 01/30/2013  12:51pm

    Just out of curiosity, what was the dance like? And to what song?

    Kitty 02/01/2013  6:30am

    Kitty - The ladies' dance combo is jazz/hip-hop. The men's dance combo is very challenging, athletic hip-hop with russians. Both are done to rotating music, depending on the team's mood and the energy in the room. Over the past two calls we've used Nicki Minaj, Britney, Flo-Rida, and a few other things I didn't recognize because I'm old. Both combos are a party.

    JDC 02/01/2013  7:52am