• NAB - Nothing Serious & AlphaNYC 01/30/2013  12:54pm

    Yo yo peeps. I'm reaching out to the communal knowledge of the auditionupdate world. Has anyone worked with the Adam Roebuck Studios? Got an offer but I don't know much about the place and wanted to see what you all had to say. Thanks!!


    I did a show with them which turned out to be a good experience. But I will say that the production value is minimal, and if you looking for any kind of review or people in the business to come and see you that won't happen there. Your experience will all depend on the director. In fact, after hearing a couple of horror stories about the company from acquaintances, I almost dropped out, but the cast I was working with was wonderful and the director, Simon Trumble, was fantastic. In fact many of the cast had worked with him before. He is loyal to great actors. So my thought is - if you need some NYC experience, or if you are just dying to get back on the stage with minimal commitment (which was my reasoning) and you have a director who you think will do the play justice, then go with it. It really is minimal rehearsal time, so you have to be prepared to do a lot of your own work at home. Which is good for you to do anyway. So there are my two cents!

    Drivingmecrazy 01/30/2013  2:56pm

    Thanks for your input! That definitely helps!

    Betharoo 01/30/2013  8:10pm

    There seem to have been a lot of people asking about this company lately. I did a project with Adam Roebuck a few years ago and it was the most awful and unprofessional show I've ever done. I would steer clear.

    HeatherNY 01/30/2013  8:52pm

    He's a good voice teaher... He should stick to that only

    K1116 01/30/2013  9:31pm

    I have heard only scammy things about this guy. Do some homework before you audition!

    JJ 01/31/2013  3:47pm