• Equity audition center closed/ chorus call sign ups 01/30/2013  6:40pm


    "Beginning Friday February 1st, the current Audition Center (on the second floor) will close, and there will be no auditions in the Equity building until the new Audition Center opens. Starting on Friday February 1st, all Equity Chorus Call Sign-Ups will be moved to the Times Square Visitor Center, which is the current entry-point to the building. There will be a desk staffed by an AEA monitor where you can sign up from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Sign-Up for EPAs will continue to occur as they always have at the venue where they are scheduled. Doors to the Times Square Visitor Center open at 8 am, but Sign-Ups will not begin until 9:30 am."