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  • One night with Janis Joplin @ Shetler Studios 01/31/2013  1:37am

    Can people update tomorrow morning and if/when they start seeing emc and non eq thanks!


    just in case you didn't see there is also an open call Friday downtown at the bitter end.

    Topaz86 01/31/2013  7:21am

    Yes, thanks so much! Potentially working tomorrow so was hoping I could squeeze in today. Any news on what this call is looking like as of now?

    tryintomakeit 01/31/2013  9:22am

    BUMP (EMC update?)

    Bohemian_Er 01/31/2013  9:45am

    Emc's already getting seen. Super open call.

    ladyladie 01/31/2013  9:51am

    Emc's already getting seen. Super open call.

    ladyladie 01/31/2013  9:52am

    What did they ask to prepare for this one? 32 bars?

    Vron89 01/31/2013  10:25am

    yes would love to know how much to have for tomorrow!

    Topaz86 01/31/2013  10:36am

    Thank you ladielady for the update! On my way

    Bohemian_Er 01/31/2013  10:55am

    How's it looking now?

    Nattalyee 01/31/2013  11:32am

    Still empty; I went right in as soon as I got head on down :) ...Anyone who went in today know if they're giving callbacks in the room?

    Bohemian_Er 01/31/2013  12:07pm

    thanks for these updates! does anyone know when lunch is?

    tryintomakeit 01/31/2013  12:37pm

    according to the monitor no callbacks are given in the room

    rhodesb3 01/31/2013  1:29pm

    I got a callback in the room. The director gave me a side and told me a song to be familiar with.. Didnt give me a date of callback. I think it was just one of those" hey, we like you, I want you to be ready when I do send out the official info.

    Nattalyee 01/31/2013  1:57pm

    How much of a song were they letting everyone sing?

    Topaz86 01/31/2013  2:44pm

    I'm planning on going to the open call tomorrow, but as it's way out of the way... does anybody know if/when they're seeing non-eq today?

    sks347 01/31/2013  2:49pm

    @natalyee may I ask what role/ song you were given?

    JSL32 01/31/2013  4:39pm

    I am noneq and went in today and got seen right away. I sang 16 bars and they asked for another selection as well...really nice people in the room.

    tryintomakeit 01/31/2013  5:37pm

    Monitor did not say they were not giving callbacks in the room. What Monitor said was, "The director has told me to tell anyone who asks that callbacks will be made within 48 hours." (Obviously this is not saying they are not giving callbacks to some in the room.)

    dmd123 01/31/2013  7:08pm

    @feefee blues singer and I sang 16 bars.

    Nattalyee 02/01/2013  12:27am