• Good Television EPA 01/31/2013  6:19am

    Just starting this now. Are people there yet??



    Ten people here so far!

    Abbreviate 01/31/2013  7:22am

    I'm assuming that's for equity? Anyone who's noneq, also keep us posted :)

    bowe123 01/31/2013  7:26am

    Any updates?

    Singinstar912 01/31/2013  8:14am

    Maybe a little over 40? That's all combined

    Abbreviate 01/31/2013  8:24am

    Noneq list is up to 23.

    bowe123 01/31/2013  8:49am

    First available appt is 12pm
    21 EMCs
    40 non eq

    Singinstar912 01/31/2013  9:10am

    Any updates? What are the lists looking like? Any glimmer of hope for noneq?

    dadadadadum 01/31/2013  9:41am

    Emcs and non eq sent away until after lunch. Monitor said they would "maybe" get seen.

    la2nycexpress 01/31/2013  9:41am

    ...the monitor is also not the best... /: early but PRETTY clear.

    armeaffe 01/31/2013  9:42am

    If anyone can post about how it looks for EMC/Alts/Appts after lunch, would appreciate it. Is lunch is 1-2??? Any info appreciated. Thank you.

    Actingismylife 01/31/2013  9:43am

    Please post who is in the room.

    MordechaiM 01/31/2013  9:53am

    Any 411 on afternoon - appts, Alt, EMC? Any info on who's in the room?? Is it Abby Katz? Thanks!

    Actingismylife 01/31/2013  10:44am

    Full on appointments. Monitor said alt lost is "long". Emc looked to be around 40. Noneq was almost on 70.

    Belaaa 01/31/2013  10:50am

    Can someone post who is ITR and what alternate # they are on?

    emuhe 01/31/2013  11:10am

    Christian Parker, Associate Artistic Director, Was in the room when I got seen this morning

    Mruffie2 01/31/2013  11:59am

    Alternate list is up to #65 and she has called up to #15. 34 Names on the EMC list; 72 names on the non-equity list. Not looking good for non-equity. They are taking drop offs. Christian Parker, Associate Artistic Dir. ITR.

    Harlequin 01/31/2013  12:01pm

    73 non-eqs now. not looking good but they are still taking sign-ins. they are also taking drop-offs.

    Sk8ter1916 01/31/2013  12:30pm

    Non eq released, EMC not likely to be seen

    Intolerabletolerability 01/31/2013  2:11pm

    Non-equity were released. Will not be seen but can drop off P & R's. Called up to alternate #26.

    Harlequin 01/31/2013  2:12pm

    Thanks for 411!

    s. kat 01/31/2013  3:03pm

    Alternate list up to #90, called up to #41. Not looking good for EMC's.

    Harlequin 01/31/2013  3:07pm