• Sacramento EPA 01/31/2013  6:37am

    What is it looking like there? Any updates would be greatly appreciated!


    About ten people lined up....not too shabby! It's still early though...

    TheWoods 01/31/2013  7:03am

    25 people in line @7:45

    14ergirl 01/31/2013  7:41am

    How bout now? Seen any emcs?

    emcfromtheno 01/31/2013  9:26am

    19 emc's signed up at 9:30. Looks pretty full again today.

    curlygrl63 01/31/2013  9:41am

    No non eq or emc being seen today.

    dadadadadum 01/31/2013  9:44am

    AAhhh snap. Is that officially from the monitor? Are they accepting headshots? Thanks guys!

    TheWoods 01/31/2013  10:06am