• Ogunquit Open call 01/31/2013  4:57pm

    Does anyone have any experience with ogunquit's open calls? I know they already said 8 bars. Do they type?



    tryintomakeit 01/31/2013  7:51pm

    I have gone the last two years to the open call. They did not type either year, but definitely yes to the 8 bars. 2 years ago the open call was a literal shit show, a ton of people, and several refused to sign the list, which turned out to be official (Jayme McDaniel, the producer, was being kind and awesome and put his own official list up super super early, and the people who refused to sign up on it obviously didn't read it and thought it was unofficial). I believe he did the same thing last year, but don't remember for sure. So be aware that the official list could go up super early. Hope that helps! :)

    mousedance 01/31/2013  8:42pm

    When and where is the open call?!

    Loonylunaloons 01/31/2013  9:18pm

    The time, date and location of this call are posted in Backstage.

    sausagefest 01/31/2013  9:28pm

    How early is super duper early?

    ravenclaw 01/31/2013  10:03pm

    it's up now

    nycnme 01/31/2013  11:15pm

    so whats it up to now?

    abcdefg 02/01/2013  6:24am

    It's inside the building. No one has signed an unofficial list, line is formed to go inside once building opens to sign the official list.

    Justanotheractor 02/01/2013  6:43am

    Is it true theyre calling the list at 9??? If they skip you can you get worked by in?

    HolidaeIn 02/01/2013  8:52am

    They are calling the list and assigning new numbers. Up to 70. If you're not present you will be moved to the bottom of the list. CD said they get thru about 35 ppl/hour

    ravenclaw 02/01/2013  9:18am

    Are they calling based on the groups they're seeing or calling the entire list at once? Thanks guys! Yay juggling

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/01/2013  9:21am

    The entire list

    Bumblebee1 02/01/2013  9:22am

    How many people are on the new official list now that they've called the names?

    vaboy27 02/01/2013  9:33am

    Monitor announced #s over 100 can come back after lunch which is 1-2pm

    ravenclaw 02/01/2013  9:56am

    Can someone please tell me if it's too late to sign up? Thank you!

    Ashinthecity 02/01/2013  10:36am

    Ya I think so. They're telling people that come in you're welcome to check back at 5, but they can't promise anything.

    LadyLuck 02/01/2013  10:53am

    They seem to be moving way faster then 30/35 an hour having lined up to #60 in the first hour.

    Do you think they'll fit the over 100's back in after lunch of they move faster then expected?

    Newbie 02/01/2013  11:26am

    They just took headshots for 80-100.

    maggie42 02/01/2013  11:34am

    im 151 and monitor told me to come back after lunch at 2,but if they r moving so quick should i already come back

    Youareenough 02/01/2013  11:37am

    hey everyone! So the monitor told me at 10:30 that the sign-up's were "officially" up in the 220's (though they ran out of their official slips to go with your h/r), and that anyone over 100 should come back after lunch (FYI, the "unofficial" official list was up to #315 when I arrived). They said they were seeing 30-35 an hour, which is absolutely nonsensical because if they're cutting it down to 8 bars, they should and WILL see up to 60 people an hour. If that is the case, with a lunch break from 1-2, they should see upwards of 180 people before lunch! I think they're underestimating how many people they will get through today. Any updates on what they're up to now?

    LizaWithAZ 02/01/2013  11:54am

    Can someone post when they finally crack the 200s? Today is ridiculous

    Harlem1988 02/01/2013  12:23pm

    Collecting headshots up to 120!

    Uh5678 02/01/2013  12:24pm

    Can someone post when they finally crack the 200s? Today is ridiculous

    Harlem1988 02/01/2013  12:25pm