• Sacramento ECC 02/01/2013  8:54am

    Any idea if they are seeing non-eq today? How is this looking so far?


    I'm with you JJ!!! Hahaha

    consignhc 02/01/2013  9:00am

    Sorry wrong post

    consignhc 02/01/2013  9:03am

    Any idea when non eq girls can sign up??

    maggie42 02/01/2013  9:30am

    Guys call is pretty empty; no more than 40 guys here at this point. I'll update if I hear anything about non eq.

    screltingthrulife 02/01/2013  9:35am

    Not seeing non-eq. Back to bed!

    MPM87 02/01/2013  10:08am

    No non eq, girls or guys.

    screltingthrulife 02/01/2013  10:15am

    Is that non-eq for everyone today?

    curlygrl63 02/01/2013  10:15am

    Are they accepting h/r from non-eq?

    MuchMore 02/01/2013  10:33am

    What a bummer! Thanks for the update though!

    maggie42 02/01/2013  10:34am

    Could a guy post who's ITR this morning? Thanks.

    SpamFolder 02/01/2013  11:49am

    In the room this morning at the male call was Artistic Director Glenn Casale, Executive producer Scott Klier, and Choreographer Dan Mojica.

    screltingthrulife 02/01/2013  6:03pm